The Most Accurate Way to Test Your Metabolism

Weight loss, weight gain, weight plateaus — these are all governed by calorie consumption. While you might know the age-old adage that to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume, chances are you don't know the actual numbers for that equation. Finding out your resting metabolic rate (RMR), or the amount of calories your body needs to breath, circulate blood, eat, sleep, and think, among other important daily functions, is the first step in this process. Your RMR can tell you how how fast your body metabolises food, which can therefore help you create a diet plan catered to your specific needs.

(Photo: Med Gadget)

RMR can be tested in a number of ways, but the most accurate is by using a device like the MedGem that measures the body's oxygen consumption max. The test itself is remarkably easy; participants simply breathe into the machine for ten minutes, and their results are immediately calculated. With these results, participants can then figure out how many calories they are burning from activities outside of those included in the RMR, and set an appropriate daily calorie consumption target that helps them meet their weight loss goals without destroying their metabolism with overly restrictive dieting. The results from the RMR test can also show participants how to maintain their current weight, or gain weight if need be.

If you're experiencing a weight loss plateau, interested in finding out more about your ideal calorie consumption, or are just interested in the way your body works, finding out how your RMR is a great way to learn more about how you can work with your body to reach an optimum state of physical health. After all, metabolism is an incredibly important factor in weight-related health concerns. The slower the metabolism, the harder it is to lose body fat, so knowing your body and learning to work with it instead of against it is an important step on your health journey.

While RMR is individual, it can be altered by following a few easy tips you often read about on Chief among them? Eat! Make sure you eat a solid breakfast each morning to fuel your body for the day and restart your metabolism after fasting during sleep. Check out our recipes for some inspiration. Snacking is also important, because each time you consume a meal, your metabolism spikes to help you digest that food, so eating smaller meals and multiple snacks throughout the day keeps your metabolism elevated.

Other easy ways to rev your metabolism include lifting weights, because more muscle mass means the body has to burn more calories than it would with fat alone. Getting in plenty of cardiovascular activity is also a great way to increase your metabolism, because it elevates the metabolism both during and after activity.


Check out your local gym or dietician to get your RMR tested and learn how to work with your body's natural metabolism to get the weight loss results you want.