Stock Your Pantry Today, Lose Weight Tomorrow

Weight loss doesn't just happen overnight and it's not an easy task. It's made even harder when your in between meals and hunger pangs start calling. If you want to lose weight, you need to snack right! We've found our favorite pre-packaged snacks that you can stock up on to aid your weight loss!

1. Pirates Booty: This is a snack that you'll be fighting the kids over! It's great for packing in both their lunches and yours. Their vegetable variety is made up of "puffed rice, corn, and a medley of fresh vegetables including spinach, kale, carrots and parsley, all baked to perfection". You can see more about this snack on their website.

pirates booty
(Photo: Pirate Brands)

2. Terra Sweet Potato Chips: Chose the no salt added option of this brand of chips for a snack that's under 200 caloires. It's a great way to get rid of the munchies and stop hunger in its tracks. Buy them online here.

sweet potato chip
(Photo: Amazon)

3. Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips: We love these pita chips! They have no trans fat or cholesterol and they taste amazing with our Green Goddess Hummus! Buy your pita chips in individual bags (200 calories each) so you don't over-eat! You can order yours online here.

4. Sargento Natural Light Sting Cheese: This string cheese is a convenient snack that you'll love! It's got a great flavor that any family member will love and it's got only half the fat. Check it out here.

(Photo: EWG)

5. FAGE Total 0% All Natural Nonfat Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt makes for a great snack. The probiotics promote gut health and this all-natural brand can fill you up until your next meal. See details here.

(Photo: The Science of Eating)

6. Low Fat Cottage Cheese: Cottage cheese is a great mid-day snack. We recommend a low-sodium option as well as low-fat because some cottage cheese varieties have a lot of sodium, so be weary! Check out this Daisy brand!

cottage cheese
(Photo: Giant Eagle)

7. Krave Beef Jerky: We love beef jerky because it's a tasty source of protein. Plus, that much chewing is a good way to beat the munching craving! Krave Jerky is has great flavor options in addition to a great nutritional value. It's so good in fact, that Jillian Michaels endorsed it during our exclusive interview!

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8. Dole's Mixed Berries: Packed full of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C, this is an awesome snack. Eat these berries plain, in your Greek yogurt or prep a smoothie with them! Check them out!

(Photo: Giant Eagle)

9. Banana Chia Pod: Ripe banana, chia seeds and coconut milk create a delicious and nutritious blend in this convenient pod! They are great to pack for a long day in the office! Learn more about it here.

(Photo: The Chia Co)

10. Mott's Natural Apple Sauce: This is a low-calorie snack that has a great source of potassium and vitamin C! It's a healthy way to hold you over until lunch time. See the nutrition info here!

(Photo: Mott's)

11. Skinny Pop: One serving size of this tasty snack is 3 ¾ cup, which is only 150 calories! If you're sitting at your desk when the mid-afternoon munchies hit, this is great for crunching on! Check it out.

(Photo: Amazon)

12. Annie's Organic Cheddar Snack: Have a snack that's created with the most wholesome ingredients. It's free of the "junk" but full of a great cheesy flavor! See the nutrition here.

(Photo: Wal-Mart)

13. That's It. Fruit Bars: These fruit bars are made with non-GMO fruit and nothing else. For example, the Apple + Mango bar's ingredient list is apples and mangos and that's it. Click here to order some online.

thats it
(Photo: Amazon)

14. Navita's Naturals Goji Berries: Goji berries make for a great little snack! They are packed with protein and are an amazing source of antioxidants. Plus, they've got over 20 vitamins and minerals. See the product here.

(Photo: Navita's Naturals)