Skinny Lunchbox: Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Back to school means back to a schedule. Sometimes that schedule barely lets us sleep, let alone pack lunches and make sure what's in those brown paper bags is healthy! Listed below are some healthy alternatives to Lunchables or prepackaged food. Some suggest new presentation ideas to entice your kids into eating healthy and others spice up side dips. Not only are these lunches kid-approved, but they're also kid-creatable; your little boys and gals can even help prep their lunches the night before. Get your pencils out and start next week's grocery list!

Skinny Pizza Wraps: Get rid of that old boring sandwich. This is an exciting lunch that the kids can even build it themselves.

PIzza Wrap

Skinny Mom's Light Buttermilk Ranch: This super simple recipe is the perfect dip to include in your kid's lunches. They will love it for dipping carrot sticks in and you will love it knowing that it's homemade and only 52 calories. Click here to get the recipe.

Light Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Peach Freezer Smoothies: Throw this delicious treat in the lunchbox straight from the freezer in the morning so it thaws to perfection by lunchtime.

>> Looking for more smoothie recipes? Click here to get 50 that have 5 ingredients or less!

freezer smoothies
(Photo: Food For My Family)

Bento Lunchbox: Sometimes you might have to get a little crafty to make sure the kids get all their nutrients, and what better way to do that than to make something so enticing that they just can't resist?

(Photo: Alpha Mom)

Homemade Corn Quesadilla: For a healthy take on a classic kid favorite, pack this in your child's lunch to give him something to look forward to during the school day.

corn quesidilla
(Photo: Lite Bite)

Pasta for the Lunchbox: Pasta is a classic lunch food because it can be eaten hot or cold, and some lunch rooms don't have access to microwaves. Simply pack the leftovers from last night's dinner or check out these three recipes from Good Life Eats.

pasta salad
(Photo: Good Life Eats)

Homemade Gummy Fruit Snacks: No child should be deprived of gummy snacks, but you can feel better about giving them that sweet treat by making them yourself.

(Photo: All Day I Dream About Food)

Trail Mix: Who doesn't love trail mix? Pack it in your kids' lunches, your husband's lunch and your own lunch for something tasty to snack on. You can even make it yourself to save a little money and give you that personal satisfaction. Try this Skinny Mom Connection recipe for a coconut take on trail mix.


No Bake Chocolate Protein Bites: A guilt-free, devilish little dessert trick, this snack will give your growing kids the protein they need to get through the day, plus, they're quick and easy to prepare! For a Skinny Mom take on no bake protein bites, click here.

No Bake
(Photo: Gimme Some Oven)

This back to school season, make sure those lunches are both yummy and healthy. With these recipes, you can find healthy new options for your tots, teens and everything in between!