She Went to the Hospital for Kidney Stones but Left With a Baby

shaun jude jaegers kidney stone baby
(Photo: Photo via Facebook)

Not only was Shaun Jaegers a surprise baby, but up until the day of his birth, his mom thought he was a kidney stone.

Stephanie Jaegers, a (then) mother of three, was experiencing extreme stomach pains, so she went to a Locust Grove, Georgia, hospital thinking she had kidney stones.

When a technician asked her how far along she was in her pregnancy, she informed him that she was not pregnant and was, in fact, on her period, thankyouverymuch. (After all, she'd had three babies before, don't you think she'd know if she were pregnant?)

So imagine her and her husband Michael's surprise when a doctor ordered an ultrasound. Imagine their surprise when they found out she was, indeed, pregnant. Imagine their surprise when they found out that the baby (a boy) was breech, tucked under a rib.

Imagine their surprise when an hour later, Stephanie was holding a perfectly healthy Shaun Jude Jaegers in her arms.

"Most parents have a good 9+ months to plan for such a blessing, we had 30 minutes' notice," Michael wrote on Facebook.

The fact that Stephanie had received zero prenatal care, that she had ridden a few roller coasters a few months back, that she had received an X-ray for a broken ankle, that she had complications her pregnancy a few years ago, and especially the fact that she had no symptoms of pregnancy all pointed to one thing.

"We've been called stupid and dumb and ignorant, but until it happens to you, you can't really grasp it," Michael said. "She knows the symptoms; she knows the signs. There were zero. It was a miracle."


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