Reddit User Diagnoses Life Threatening Hernia in Video

A husband posted a video online of his wife's strange "belly button trick" and a Reddit user just may have provided a life-saving diagnosis!

In the video, posted by RebelRockStar, the woman pushes a large mass around her belly button into and out of her abdomen.

One fellow Reddit user saw the video and immediately voiced their concern, suggesting the "trick" may actually be a symptom of a potentially harmful type of umbilical hernia. At first, RebelRockStar responded saying his wife was a doctor and the lump was nothing to be concerned about. "She is a MD thought and it's normal," they claimed.

However, late Tuesday, RebelRockStar updated their original comment to say the concerns were actually correct and his wife did have an umbilical hernia.

"You're right," the added. "Reddit should just be my doctor."


Bravo, Reddit!