Produce Hunt: The Freshest Finds at Farmers' Markets in May

May is a great time for hitting the farmers' markets! If you've got a local option, we recommend checking it out this weekend! This month there are five fruits and veggies you'll want to put on your shopping list.

Blueberries: Fresh and sweet, you'll probably be able to find local blueberries at a good price, because they'll be competing against other summer fruits. Get these locally to ensure they are fresh! Use your fresh blueberries to make these kid-friendly yogurt bites!

frozen blueberry bites

Apricots: The season for fresh apricots is very short. Usually you'll find them dried or in preservatives, but if you act quickly, you can get a great stash of fresh apricots to enjoy for the next few weeks.


Corn: Most people think of corn at a 4th of July cookout, and while that's true, corn's best time is May. If you buy your local corn, you know it's a fresh choice, and not one that's been sitting in storage for weeks! For a delicious grilled corn recipe, try this Chipotle Corn on The Cob.

corn on cob


Avocados: Ready to kick off the summer salad season? Avocados make great additions to salads for a little boost in texture, taste and nutrients! This is a great time to start buying avocados if you're looking for quality.


Cherries: Cherries are grown mostly on the West Coast, and their season has started a bit earlier this year, so if you're a cherry fan, you'll be having a great May.