Popular Salad Brand Hit With Recall Over Undeclared Allergen Contamination

Salad eaters, beware! These popular salads seem to have some allergens in the ingredients that aren't entirely spelled out on the packaging. According to The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), a public health alert has now been declared due to concerns that the salad dressing component of ready-to-eat (RTE) salad products that contain meat and poultry may also contain egg, milk, peanut or wheat, known allergens. The ingredients named are not declared on the product labels, and can cause severe health problems for those who may be allergic. The alert is to ensure that consumers are aware that these products should not be consumed just in case allergens are present. The alert was issued on Wednesday, March, 23, 2022.

The salad products in question were produced from March 8, 2022 through March 17, 2022. Per the report, there are several products at risk to harming those who may have allergic reaction due to the ingredients not listed. Some include: Charlie's Delivered Fresh Daily Southwest Salad dated 3/15/22 through 3/24/22, that may include Thai-style salad dressing which contains undeclared peanut and wheat –  Charlie's Delivered Fresh Daily Chicken BLT Salad dated 3/15/22 through 3/24/22, that may include Thai-style salad dressing, which contains undeclared peanut – and Signature Café Thai Style Salad with White Meat Chicken dated 3/15/22 through 3/24/22, that may include BBQ Ranch salad dressing, which contains undeclared egg and milk.

The products are listed as "P-38458" inside the USDA mark of inspection. Such products were shipped to retail and food service locations in Alaska. The issue was discovered when the FSIS received a consumer complaint that incorrect salad dressing was included in the salad packaging.no other confirmed reports of allergic reactions due to consumption of any of the projects listed have been an issue. However, anyone concerned about an illness should contact a health care provider if they in fact consumed the product.


The products listed are no longer available for sale. But any consumers who have purchased these products listed within the time period are urged not to consume them and instead, throw them away.