Olivia Wilde's Insanely Fun Cardio Dance Routine Doesn't Even Feel Like Work

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This girl can dance.

Olivia Wilde, 32, keeps her body rock hard by, ironically enough, rocking out! From '90s hip-hop to street jazz, Wilde goes nuts for dance cardio classes.

Her dance teacher (and future sister-in-law) Kristin Sudeikis hosts a series of dance classes, of which Olivia's favorite is 2Fly.

"It's inspired by the early '90s Fly Girls (J.Lo's original claim to fame)," Olivia told Shape, "and blends fat-melting aerobics with serious attitude at makes you feel, well, pretty damn fly."

"Dance releases endorphins which interact with serotonin and dopamine, chemicals that have the power to instantly boost your mood," Sudeikis explained.

#fbf bending over backwards (in an extremely impractical workout outfit) for @gq and @michelcomtestudio.

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Dance also targets large and small muscle groups at the same time, working to sculpt muscles and tone your body so it looks hard and lean. You don't need a studio and workout instructor to use dancing to your advantage, though! According to Sudeikis, if you can nod your head to the beat, you can dance.

Here's what you need to do: Start by picking seven of your favorite songs, then add the following steps for one minute each.

1 Minute: Drop Clap

1 Minute: Side Turn

3 Minutes: Drop Clap, Side Turn, Booty Work

4 Minutes: Drop Clap, Side Turn, Booty Work, Clear the Floor

5 Minutes: Drop Clap, Side Turn, Booty Work, Clear the Floor, Throw it Down

6 Minutes: Drop Clap, Side Turn, Booty Work, Clear the Floor, Throw it Down, Shamrock

7 Minutes: Drop Clap, Side Turn, Booty Work, Clear the Floor, Throw it Down, Shamrock, Bring it Up

Continue with this cycle of adding a move on each round until you've completed all seven moves!

When it comes to workouts, this is one routine that Wilde swears by.

"Kristin has found a way to take the fear out of choreographed precision and replace it with the pure-adrenaline-infused joy that occurs when we set our minds and bodies free on the dance floor," Wilde said.

For those that hate running, yoga, hiking, biking—or any other cardio, for that matter—this is a fab alternative. Not only is it fun, but it gets your blood pumping as well. (If you're not sweating, you're not going hard enough!)


"I believe there is space for exercise to be as much a gift to your brain as it is to your body," Wilde told New York Daily News. "I don't want to waste my time striving for some subjective definition of perfection. I'd rather rebuild my strength while dancing my ass off...literally."


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