Manly Diaper Bags Fit for a Dude

(Photo: iStock)

Ever notice your husband's back mysteriously starts to hurt when you ask him to mow the lawn? Or how he conveniently gets an "important work call" when you ask him to unload the dishwasher?

Yep, we're on to you, Husbands; you're not as slick as you think.

As a new mom, the last thing you need is an excuse when it comes to getting an extra helping hand with your baby.

So when you ask your husband to carry the diaper bag and his response is "No, sorry, I can't be caught dead with that bright pink floral Vera Bradley bag hanging off my shoulder," we're pretty sure that's not going to fly with you and your post-partum rollercoaster of emotions.


Here's an idea: take away ALL of his excuses by getting him his own diaper bag!

There are so many more manly styles to choose from nowadays, from compartmentalized messenger bags to rugged backpack options, and we guarantee he won't be ashamed to carry any of them.

Check out some of these masculine bag options for the macho man in your life!


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