Man Loses 70 Lbs Eating ONLY This Vegetable?

We've all heard of the latest fad diet, but one Australian man is doing something different by opting to eat nothing but potatoes for one year, Mashable reports.

Andrew Taylor, 36, from Melbourne, started his new way of eating on New Year's Day, and has now hit the 100-day mark.

Taylor began his unusual eating plan as a way to not only lose weight, but also to break his habit of turning to food for comfort.

In just 100 days, Taylor has lost over 70 lbs and his doctor says he's "fighting fit."

He says most of his meals are boiled, baked or mashed, with a little sauce or spices on top, and does not eat French fries.

Taylor eats potatoes "as boring as possible," including not using oil, in order to retrain himself to find comfort from the other things in his life besides food.

His journey has been chronicled on his Facebook page Spud Fit, which has now garnered him a potato sponsor.


A vegetable shop called Tesoreiro & Luca Bros. has been providing Taylor with potatoes since early Feb. and will continue to do so until he has completed his year of potato eating.

Taylor has expressed that his diet is something that he is just trying for himself and encourages anyone interested in it to contact their own doctor to ensure that it's a good fit for them.