Watch: Man Builds Ridiculously Elaborate Contraption to Reveal Baby's Sex

Finding out the sex of your unborn child is a major moment in any parent's life, and thanks to social media, that moment is now a cause for celebration occasionally requiring a very extensive scheme.

One man took things to the next level for his baby's "gender reveal," spending three days building a Rube Goldberg machine, a contraption creating a series of domino effects thanks to multiple small setups.

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In what is possibly the most elaborate gender reveal ever, actor and comedian Taylor Calmus created the contraption to find out the sex of his second child with his wife, Heidi.

"When my wife was pregnant with our son, Theo, we weren't going to find out the gender until he was born," he told The Huffington Post. "But the doctor slipped up and told us two weeks before he was born and ruined the surprise. So this time when she got pregnant I was like, 'No way are we waiting again!' But anyone that watches our vlog knows I like to go all out!"

Calmus shared that he had three friends on hand to help him film every moment of the machine, which was kicked off by baby Theo and wound its way throughout the couple's home before ending in the garage, where they found out they would be having a girl.

Luckily, his wife didn't mind him making a total mess of their home in order to capture the reveal.

"Yes, building a Rube Goldberg machine through your entire house is very messy, but so is parenting!" he said. "What better way to prepare for the chaos of two babies under two years old than purposely putting your entire house into disarray?"

Watch the crazy reveal above.

[H/T / Facebook / Dude Dad Vlog by Taylor Calmus]



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