7 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have an IUD

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If you're one of the many women thanking their lucky stars for your IUD, you know that while this specific type of birth control is mostly a blessing, it can also be a major curse at times. Check out these seven things you'll only understand if you have an IUD.

1. That feeling of indescribable pain when it's inserted.

Oh, you thought your annual pap smear was bad? You've clearly never had an IUD inserted into your uterus before. The pain may cause you to momentarily leave your body for a hot second, but a moment of pain is worth years of reassurance.

2. When your male partner complains because it "feels weird" during sex.

First of all: Can you really feel it, or was it only after I told you that you thought you noticed something? We will never know, but will always wonder if it's a placebo effect.

Second of all: So I can have a piece of metal (literally, it's copper) inserted into my uterus but you can't have something kind of tickling your penis? OK.

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3. It's just #soworthit.

You will literally shout the IUD's praises in between the worst cramps you've ever had, because using a non-hormonal form of birth control (and not having a period) makes it worth it. Seriously, we'll tell anyone who will listen how much we love it.

4. You're never really 100 percent sure you're not pregnant.

Speaking of not having a period, while it's kind of the best thing to ever happen to you, it's also an uneasy feeling not absolutely knowing you're not pregnant. While the IUD has over a 99 percent effective rate, that less-than-one percent will always be nagging at you.

5. You feel like a member of a secret vagina cult.

Even though your doctor didn't require a blood oath or initiation ceremony, she does give you a card reminding you when you need to get your IUD removed. We'll be over here pretending it's a membership card to one of the coolest clubs ever.

6. Wondering if you'll set off airport metal detectors.

You know you won't, but the thought of your nether regions being wanded (or worse) by the TSA is not one we'd like to linger on.

7. Dreading the day you have to replace your IUD, but knowing you're gonna do it again because you love it so much.

Having to repeat the painful insertion process as well as having it removed makes us a little queasy. But not having to worry about it for another five (or ten!) years makes the pain and suffering that much worth it.



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