How to Get Your Body Ready for Giving Birth

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is letting all women know that a vaginal birth after c-section is totally safe.

FOX News reports that one in five women give birth to their baby via a c-section, and years ago women could have multiple c-sections when they delivered. According to scientists, if a woman is trying to have a VB they should not be induced before going into labor. This leaves the woman at risk for a uterine rupture.

Are you wanting to have a VB and don't know where to start? Doctors say the easiest way to have a smooth birth is by gaining the recommended amount of baby weight during the pregnancy. Doctors say for a normal body weight about 25-35 pounds is an ideal weight gain.

Primrose oil is also another great item to help you if you're getting ready to deliver, as it softens your cervix.

Be sure to check with your doctor about these tips, as some doctors don't believe in these practices.