How To Feel Energized All Day Long

All-day energy is the seemingly unattainable goal of mothers all across the country; a holy grail, if you will. Even if we pump ourselves full of coffee in the morning, it seems like that mid-afternoon crash is just inevitable! If you are sick and tired of the incessant fatigue that comes with having a child (or two!), then why not give the following tips a try?

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Laugh out loud: Laughing encourages our brains to release endorphins. That flood of feel-good chemicals can help you feel alive and refreshed much longer than that sugary frappuccino! Laughing is also known to boost your immune system and decrease your risk of heart disease and depression, so listen to your favorite comedian while you are waiting in the carpool lane! Still don't believe us? Check out these reasons why you should laugh more.

Get moving: Step out of your mid-day slump by getting your body in motion! Hitting the gym, taking the kids for an afternoon at the park, and running those errands that have been adding up all week are just a couple ways you can get your blood pumping. Even if you only have time for a quick 7-minute total body cardio warm up, that's plenty of time to get those endorphins flowing!

Stretch it out: Taking a couple minutes in the morning to practice your favorite yoga moves is a wonderful and gentle way to improve your circulation and shake off any lingering tension or stress. You can check out our favorite yoga stretches here, or if you are letting your lack of flexibility hold you back, we recommend that you try our top yoga moves for the inflexible!

Rehydrate: Studies have shown that one of the most common reasons people experience dwindling fatigue is because of dehydration. If you don't have enough water in your system, then chances are there is not enough oxygen in your bloodstream. Try to keep your water intake up, and chug a glass of ice water whenever you need a boost. Don't like the flavor of water? Check out our favorite alternatives by clicking here.

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Snack with intent: Instead of heading straight for a sugar high during those long afternoon slumps, try to incorporate some healthy carbohydrates and protein-packed snacks into your diet to boost your blood sugar levels! Ignore that candy bar or that super sugary soda and shoot for something like an apple with peanut butter or a serving of trail mix and some Greek yogurt. For more energy-packed snacks, click here!

Crank up the music: Swap out your blaring morning alarm for a clock that is programmed to play your favorite go-get-'em song! Starting off your day with a strong beat can improve your mood even before you get out of bed! If you are suffering from a mid-afternoon slump, check out some of our favorite songs for some instant energy-boosting music!

Get plenty of ZZZ's: Yes, we've said it before, but we'll say it again: A good night's sleep is absolutely essential, and we are talking a solid seven to eight hours a night, ladies! Not only does sleep reduce your risk for a variety of serious health conditions, but it also keeps your energy levels consistently high throughout your day. If you are having a hard time falling asleep, check out these 18 things you can do to sleep better at night!

Eat breakfast: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, what you eat plays a huge role in your energy levels throughout the rest of the day! A quick cup of coffee and a piece of toast is not going to cut it. Caffeine and carbs can lead to that dreaded mid-morning crash. Instead, try to supplement your breakfast with protein and unrefined carbs for longer-lasting energy.

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Don't let low energy defeat you! These simple tricks can go a long way in keeping you ready for action. For more information on how to feel amazing all day, click here, or check out our sources:,