How This Woman Lost 280 Pounds Through Hypnosis

At 52 years old, Dee Chan weighed 518 pounds. The mother of one tried fad diets, weight loss surgery, and even had her jaw wired shut, but nothing worked; she continued to binge on junk food and would gain back any weight she lost.

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In fact, she even found it difficult to find clothes that would fit her, so she took to making her own dresses from curtain fabric.

"Life was miserable," Chan told the Daily Mail. "I had to wear men's shoes because my fat would just drape over the ankles of ladies' footwear. I've always loved clothes and feeling feminine, so that was soul-destroying."

"My size stopped me from enjoying life. If I was going out for a meal I'd have to research the restaurant to see if I'd fit in the chairs. On flights I'd have to take the air stewardess aside and ask for a seatbelt extender."

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"The turning point came when a scratch on my leg became infected and it went straight to the bone," Chan said. "It was chilling to be told that your weight is so out of control that it could be your demise."

One day, she saw clinical hypnotherapist and motivational trainer Steve Miller on TV and contacted him for help. Through one-on-one hypnosis sessions, she began to see improvement.

"I saw Steve on the television and something clicked," she said. "I contacted him and used his hypnotherapy tools. Thanks to Steve, my mindset changed and I realized I had been making bad choices all my life."

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Miller's website says that he uses hypnosis to make the client realize that they are in charge of changing their life.

"When I work with clients using my weight-loss hypnosis approach, I always make it clear that the client is the leader and will work with me to help them program their mind to increase their motivation and control over food so that they lose weight sensibly," Miller writes on his website.

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Through things like portion control, motivational talks and self-esteem-building exercises, Chan has lost almost 280 pounds in three years. She's even on target to lose 70 more and reach her goal weight of 168 pounds.

dee chan after
(Photo: Photo via Redbook)

"Friends tell me how much younger I look and the difference in my face makes me almost unrecognizable," Dee said. "I love looking and feeling good about my body."

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