Hold the Lettuce, Please: 15 Leafless Salads

If you had to think about your favorite part of a salad, you’d probably put dressing, croutons, protein, nuts and dried fruit on the top of the list; lettuce would most likely be the last. Don't let a bowl full of flavorless, bland and boring leafy greens get in the way of enjoying a healthy dish, because there are delicious ways to overcome this situation. For all you salad-loving but lettuce-hating eaters out there, we’ve complied a list of some of the tastiest leafless salads for you to try out. Enjoy!

1. Asian Broccoli Salad: This tasty salad is made with healthy greens, plenty of flavoring, and portioned enough to last for two meals! It only takes 15 minutes to make, so try it out for your next dinner. Click here to get the recipe!

asian broccoli salad
(Photo: Gimme Some Oven)

2. Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowl: Piled high with roasted vegetables and quinoa, you’ll see where the mounded dish gets its name — it resembles a big, round Buddha belly. The chickpeas and quinoa with vinaigrette makes for a full and savory base, while the roasted veggies provide light and crunchy texture. These bowls are larger than life, so be prepared to save any and all leftovers for tomorrow! Click here for the recipe!

Skinny Mom Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowl recipe

3. Shaved Fennel, Dill and Cucumber Salad: Bright, crunchy and tangy best describe this leafless salad. Its simple yet delicious taste can be enjoyed by a wide range of eaters, and takes minimal effort to prepare. Use this at your next potluck! (via Feasting at Home)

Photo Credit: Feasting at Home
(Photo: Feasting at Home)

4. Creamy Zucchini Noodles with Avocado: Anyone who loves creamy avocado and luscious red tomato will obsess over this recipe. Boil the zucchini in order to maintain a soft texture throughout the dish, and season for personal taste. Check out the recipe here!

Photo Credit: My Dish is Bomb
(Photo: My Dish is Bomb)

5. Raw Rainbow Noodle 'Salad' with Maple Syrup: Sounds a little strange to have a salad with maple syrup in it, but the unique ingredient actually does wonders for this healthy dish. This colorful salad is only 180 calories per serving and worth trying for any occasion. Click here to see.

Photo Credit: Craving Something Healthy
(Photo: Craving Something Healthy)

6. Garden Fresh Quinoa Salad: Quinoa makes up a hearty base, filled with red bell peppers, cucumbers and shallots. The tang of the red wine vinegar contrasts the coolness of the mint, making it the ideal summer dish to add to any entree. Gobble it all up for yourself or make it for your next cookout or outdoor get-together! Here's the recipe.

Skinny Mom Garden Fresh Quinoa Salad recipe

7. Seaweed Salad: Take a nautical dip into this healthy, Japanese dish! Crunchy seaweed, salty and savory dressing components, and fresh scallions make this salad healthy and enjoyable. Seaweed may be considered an acquired taste, but if you have never tried it before, it's worth a try! (via No Recipes)

Photo Credit: PBS
(Photo: PBS)

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8. Roasted Roots Rainbow Salad with Quinoa: This hearty salad includes wholesome, healthy ingredients such as beets, squash, sweet potato and quinoa. Spinach is listed in the ingredients, but can be removed in order to achieve a leaf-free dish and adjusted for personal taste. So yummy! (via Borrowed Salt)

Photo Credit: Borrowed Salt
(Photo: Borrowed Salt)

9. Cucumber, Strawberry and Poppyseed Salad: Crisp cucumbers, sweet strawberries, salt and creamy chunks of feta, and a light poppyseed dressing come together to make this summery salad. So delicious and so worth making for your next meal! (via With Salt and Wit)

Photo Credit: WIth Salt and Wit
(Photo: With Salt and Wit)

10. Beet, Carrot and Pomegranate Salad: Salmon, fuchsia, orange and dandelion yellow colors swirl into a tasty blend of nutritious goodness. Although it was intended to be eaten in the winter, this salad can be made anytime of the year. Top it off with pistachios and pomegranate jewels and enjoy! (via Foodie Crush)

(Photo: Foodie Crush)

11. Roasted Sweet Potato and Farro Salad: This recipe calls for sweet potatoes, garlic, semipearled farro, and a choice between radish, arugula sprouts or baby watercress amongst a savory array of flavorings. Click here to check out this awesome connection recipe!

marin mama cooks sweet potato and farro salad
(Photo: Marin Mama Cooks)

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12. Asparagus Salad with Sesame Chili Lime Dressing: This beautiful green salad consists of peanuts, green onions, fresh mint and ribbons of asparagus, and is jazzed up with a spicy dressing and a refreshing pinch of lime juice. Convinced to try it out? Click here to get the recipe!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.30.00 AM

13. Creamy Southwest Shrimp Salad: It’s cold, low calorie, low fat AND low carb! Wrap it up in lettuce if you’d like an added crunch, otherwise grab a fork and dig into this creamy bowl of deliciousness. Here's the recipe.

Skinny Mom Simple Southwest Shrimp Salad recipe

14. Brussels Sprouts, Beluga Lentil, and Cranberry Holiday Salad: Get your mouth ready for the holiday season with this loaded salad, adapted from Green Kitchen Travels. Healthy kale, Brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, toasted pecans and clementine wedges help to guide you through a season full of heavy, buttery dishes and endless sweets. If you are not a fan of kale, just ditch it! Get the recipe here.

(Photo: Popsugar)

15. Zero-Point Cucumber Citrus Salad: At ZERO Weight Watchers SmartPoints, what’s not to love?! This is a refreshing, light and summery salad that pairs well with any warm-weather entree. The vinegar and orange juice balance to create the perfectly sweet zest, all while staying low calorie, low carb, and even nonfat. Click here to see the recipe.

Skinny Mom Clean Cucumber Citrus Salad recipe

What's your favorite lettuce-free salad? Comment below!