Here's the Diet That Keeps Connie Britton So Fabulous at 49

Connie Britton stars next to Hayden Panettiere on the hit TV show Nashville, and if you’ve ever watched the show, you know this 49-year-old beauty really knows how to take care of her health.

Between her flawless skin, rockin' bod and incredible locks, it's impossible not to wonder how she has stayed so beautiful.

“I realized that what kept me slim when I was younger doesn’t work anymore,” she told Shape. “But instead of feeling hopeless, I decided I just have to try a little harder to stay in shape—whether that means re-adjusting my eating habits or upping my activity level. Finding creative ways to get fit makes me feel great.”

Britton opts for raw foods in her diet, and has found that juicing has a positive impact on her body and skin. She indulges in greens, fresh veggies and green juices to make her “feel good” and give her the nutrients and energy she needs.

While she eats healthy food, she's not necessarily on a "diet." She says it's about "what is going to make me feel good? What is going to make me feel healthy? And that is going to be different than your best girlfriend. That is going to be different than Angelina Jolie. So it is really about knowing yourself."

For Britton, that means bringing her own lunch to work and avoiding the "gnarly-declisious snack food" on set at all costs.

After adopyting her Ethiopian son, Yoby, in 2011, she says her view of beauty and health changed completely.

“I don’t look in a mirror a lot,” she told Daily Mail. “Once I became a mother, I went for two years straight when I didn’t look in a mirror at all.”


We love Britton's refreshing and realistic view of aging and feeling good inside and out!


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