Helping Dad Prepare for Baby

new mom and dad

Through those nine months of transformation, it may be easy to get caught up in how much your pregnancy is affecting you and your lifestyle, but keep in mind that Dad is an essential part of the process – from start to finish! A smooth pregnancy relies heavily on the physical and mental wellbeing of both partners, so taking the time to share your excitement, communicate your concerns, and get those tough questions answered will go a long way in promoting a healthy, nurturing environment for your soon-to-be baby! Take a look below at the list of top tips for new fathers to learn more.

Stop, look and listen. Fathers-to-be, these nine months are not the time to sit passively and judge your crazy, hormonal wife for her wild mood swings and peculiar pregnancy cravings. Pregnancy may be considered one of the most natural processes in the world but trust us, nothing is going to seem ordinary! Embracing your wife's new (and, remember, short-lasting) idiosyncrasies will help her to relax into this new routine. Instead of rolling your eyes or shrugging off her complaints, try offering to do some research. Before your next doctor's appointment, sit down together and write out a list of questions that have been nagging at you both. Most importantly, don't be afraid to share how you are feeling, because owning up to your fears and concerns will promote open and honest communication.


Coddle each other. If you think anniversaries are a lot of pressure, with the spontaneity and the romance, then wait 'til you're expecting! Now, more than ever, you and your significant other need to feel connected. We're talking the whole shebang, here – constant streams of compliments, creative dates that take you back to when that passion started, investing some time in a new hobby; all are important elements in maintaining a healthy relationship. Staying involved with each other on a romantic level, without letting the stress of the pregnancy interfere, is one of the greatest challenges soon-to-be parents will face. You both deserved to spoil yourselves a little during this journey.

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There's no such thing as being too prepared. All those classes, books and websites? Yep, they are there for a reason! We're not saying you need to run out and purchase everything in sight, but the more information you can gather together during the six stages of pregnancy will help relieve any undo stress. Trust us, when Mom goes into labor she is not going to want to sit down in front of her laptop and Google what she needs to bring in her hospital bag. That one is on you, Dad! Becoming an expert on all things baby will not only impress your wife, but it will help boost your confidence in your role in this pregnancy as well!

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Respect the process. Throughout this entire journey, it is essential that you both remember that change is inevitable. You are not going to be able to keep with your regular schedule. The fatigue, nausea, and other physical and emotional changes that come from pregnancy are going to affect Mom's mood, and Dad will have to learn how to channel his reactions in a positive way. Your sex life is probably going to take a hit, and learning how to rekindle the romance will be a key element of becoming parents. Priorities like work and having a social life will need to come second to your relationship, so being flexible and adaptable to all of these new changes means developing a deeper respect for each other and the great adventure you are on!


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