Go Vegetarian for a Day

A meat-heavy diet that is high in saturated fats can cause all sorts of health problems including heart disease, cancer and stroke. Following a vegetarian diet high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds and nuts can be a life-changing shift to better health. Vegetarians suffer from fewer incidences of heart disease and have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol compared to meat eaters. If you're a meat lover and can't bear to give up your omnivorous diet, but wouldn't mind a slightly slimmer waistline and grocery bill, you may try to give up meat just one day per week to enjoy some of the impactful health benefits.

Yes, some meats are high in fat and cholesterol, but meat is also high in necessary protein for your body. The key to a no-meat diet is balance. There are plenty of other foods that contain protein, including low-fat dairy, eggs, nuts, legumes and more. And lots of fruits and vegetables will provide plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep you powered up and feeling healthy.

It will be more important than ever to plan ahead for your day of vegetarian eating so you aren't tempted into eating meat. Here is a one day meal plan that incorporates the vitamins and nutrients you need for energy and vitality.

Breakfast: Fuel up to kick start your day. Get some protein and a sweet treat all in one with a Raspberry Protein Shake. Also make two scrambled eggs and piece of whole grain toast for a balanced breakfast that will fill you up and not weigh you down.

Raspberry Mocha Protein Shake

Snack: A mid-morning snack is sometimes necessary to tide you over until lunch. Reach for this quick and easy to make Skinny PB +Banana Protein Wrap.

Skinny PB + Banana Protein Wrap

Lunch: Think beyond your usual, plain ole' turkey sandwich! You won't be craving any meat once you enjoy a Quinoa Wrap with Black Beans, Feta and Avocado.

Quinoa Wrap with Black Beans, Feta & Avocado

Snack: These Skinny Baked Sweet Potato Chips will be the perfect healthy and crunchy snack. These have less fat and calories than regular potato chips, plus sweet potatoes are a form of good carbohydrates.

Sweet Potato Chips

Dinner:  This Healthy Veggie Soup is so rich and hearty, you won't even notice there's no meat. Enjoy with Copycat Chipotle Cilantro Lime Brown Rice for a complete and balanced dinner. This dinner is packed with nutrients and lots of protein and fiber to keep you full.

Healthy Vegetable Soup

Drink: Put down the diet soda for the day, too, and enjoy a Detox Green Tea. Fresh fruits add a hint of sweetness to this beverage! You'll get all the benefits of green tea, plus sneak in some extra fruit for the day.

Green Detox Tea

Dessert: These guilt-free 15 Calorie Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries are an excellent, sweet ending to this meatless day. They're delicious and take only a few minutes to prepare!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.56.01 PM

Discover other vegetarian recipes and tips for vegetarian living to get the most out of your meatless day of the week!

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