Go-Go Gadget: Tomato Huller

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Tomatoes are an excellent fruit to integrate in many dishes. The only problem with tomatoes is that they are so soft and juicy that preparing them can be a pain in the you-know-what. Luckily, there is a tool that can help you approach this fruit more comfortably: The tomato huller!

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How it's used: Instead of slicing off the top of the tomato (flesh and stem connected), use a tomato huller to neatly and effectively remove the tough bits of tomato attaching the stem without wasting any flesh! First, remove the stem by ripping it off. Take the tomato huller and dig the spokes into the area around the stem-hole. Scoop out the stem-hole flesh like an ice-cream scooper, then continue to scoop away icky parts. Once you've scooped everything you want off, slice the tomato in whatever way you want, and voila!

Tomato hullers are relatively inexpensive and they vary in shape in design. This one, for example, is built with serrated blades to grip and remove cores quickly and cleanly. It works with both large and small tomatoes, and it is also dishwasher safe (which is always a plus!). Check it out on Amazon!

Photo Credit: AllExpress.com
(Photo: AllExpress)

This one is built a little differently but it served for the same intention of removing icky parts of a tomato. This can be used on other fruits and vegetables as well, such as strawberries. This one is made of plastic and has a soft, comfortable handle for gripping. Check this out on Amazon for a great price!

Photo Credit: Amazon
(Photo: Amazon)

Don't let the hassle of preparing tomatoes hold you back from using them in your recipes; Add a tomato huller to your collection of kitchen gadgets and enjoy some of our favorite recipes.

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