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Rice is a common staple to many popular dishes throughout the world, and is also an important [...]

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Rice is a common staple to many popular dishes throughout the world, and is also an important source of carbohydrates for a well-balanced diet. Learning how to cook rice just takes trial and error, and lots of attentiveness, but who has the time to do that every time they want freshly cooked rice in their meal? If you are someone who cooks with this versatile grain, it's time to invest in a rice cooker.

The traditional method of cooking rice requires lots of measuring and babysitting to ensure that the food is being cooked properly. Electronic rice cookers, on the other hand, automate the cooking process by controlling the heat and timing, which reduces the amount of involvement needed.

Check out this one by Cuisinart. This rice cooker steams rice to puffy perfection, then automatically keeps it warm when it's done cooking (rather than staying at a high heat and overcooking the rice), all at a touch of a button! This stainless steel steamer can also be used to cook vegetables, chicken, seafood or dumplings.

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Believe it or not, rice cookers can make more than just rice! You can cook anything from frittatas, to oatmeal, to vegetables and more! Get creative with your options and have some fun with your new kitchen gadget! Here are a couple of recipes to try out and get inspired by!

Copycat Chipotle Cilantro Brown Rice: Chipotle fan? (Who isn't?) Then you need to try this out! Because your new rice cooker will handle the brown rice, use the free time as an opportunity to cook side dishes to go along with it. When the rice is done cooking, it will automatically switch to "keep warm" mode, so you can continue finishing the recipe whenever you want! Click here to get the recipe!

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Caprese Brown Rice: Anyone who appreciates Italian food will love this recipe! This recipe is quick and easy, and will be even easier to prepare with a rice cooker. We recommend making our Skinny Mini Caprese Pizzas to go along with this delicious dish. Click here to get the Caprese Brown Rice recipe.

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