Fitness Trainer and Mother of Three Demonstrates How to Work out With Your Kids

Andrea Allen may be a fitness trainer, but she is also a mother of three young girls. Allen struggled with depression as a college student and turned to exercise as an outlet.

When Allen learned she was pregnant with twins, she didn't know how she would balance her new life. "I was lucky to learn young that exercise keeps me sane. It is an outlet for me," Allen, 32, tells PEOPLE. "I feared what life would be like after I had the twins."

After giving birth to her girls, Allen would workout any chance she got even if that meant doing lunges while she fed her daughters lunch.

"They think exercise is part of life, that it's just what moms do in the morning," she says of her 3-year-old twins, Olivia and Ella. "They'll come copy me for a few reps and then walk away to play. We even made up an exercise song where I call out moves and we all do them together!"

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She recently welcomed another daughter, Camry, five months ago and has started sharing at-home workout videos on Instagram to her 124,000 followers.

Her advice for mothers training with kids around: "Set a time and sacrifice." She suggests mothers try and squeeze in a workout whenever they can and encourages them to not care what other people think.

Allen's workouts are not long, sometimes just 20 minutes, but that little bit of time helps keep her sane.

"Being a mom is hard — really hard," she says. "We spend all our time keeping little people happy, caring for our families, juggling work, spouses, school for some, getting back in shape and trying to keep up with what society has deemed as the ideal women. It's easy to get down and discouraged and beat yourself up. But in every situation, look for the small victories."

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It's in the effort... in not giving up what you want just because it doesn't fit perfectly into your hectic life. It's why I love this song from zootopia I used! "I won't give up no I won't give "🎤🎼. I got a late start on my workout the other day & Cranberry woke up and was ready to eat. I had only completed about 40 percent of my workout and I knew it wasn't gonna happen later. So I improvised .. @thexbands for the legs, nursing for 'Cranberry' and ABC puzzles for a little education for the girls. Was it crazy... yes. Was it the Best workout ever.. no. Did I make it work ..YES. Real life is messy and crazy and that's ok because this counts as an A for effort. And effort builds habits and habits make lifestyle changes😉. The bands are the the booty bands from @thexbands 10 percent discount code: delishfit Nursing bra: @krewactive . I LOVE it. I can do kick boxing and jump all around in it Shorts: @popflex_active & have pockets and high waists 😱 Repeat 5 rounds 20 reps Seated Marches Upright clams Pulses Clams Straight legs side taps (opposite leg is in clam position)

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Welcome to day 7️⃣ of #bouncebackwithyourbub. The focus today is Abs, legs, booty and we sneak a handstand in for fun for the shoulders!! I wanna see your handstands with your cutie below you! And I love all the questions from my last post! I saved a bunch to start answering! Here is a simple workout with no equipment needed except for a wall and hopefully you have one of those. This is a fun family workout too ! The ab work in the bridge. It is not traditional ab work like a crunch but it's perfect for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and healing your core post baby. A bridge is similar to a reverse Plank which helps heal Diastasis Recti by making you engage your core without creating the bulge down the center of your stomach. (Just like a frontal Plank works your back as a secondary muscles bridges and reverse planks work your abs as secondary muscles🙌🏻) . Your booty will burn during the first two exercises and hamstrings and quads will get a beating during the bridge and wall seats. frog kicks rock the inner thigh as well so this workout is fabulous for recovery without to much strain ! Leggings and nursing bra (by the way this two toned one is the most supportive one I have found I do kick boxing in it) by : @flexilexi_fitness 😍 ! 12 reps on right and left side: Leg extended bridge pulses Single leg bridge leg raises Bulgarian was split squats Than: 20 Frog kicks (this will help you say hello 👋🏻 to your inner thigh. Keep your heels attached and let your knees fall out to the sides as you bring your feet down. When you raise them back up keep your toes pointed out and squeeze your inner thighs together while flexing your quads🙌🏻🙌🏻 you will feel it & THAN you can 🙋🏼wave good bye to that inner thigh ! 30 second Wall sits 30 second Wall sits with heel raises 30 second to 1 min Handstands Repeat 3-4 times and do yourself a favor and go on a walk with your little one wearing leg weights😳😍😉🙌🏻!

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