Finally! 5 Tips to Find the Perfect Bra

Don't spoil a perfect outfit with bra bulge! Many times this sneaky undergarment malfunction is the underlying reason your clothes don't fit in a flattering fashion. We looked to Susan Nethero and her coveted cup commandments that she shared with none other than Oprah, to be sure we are following these five simple steps to avoid bad brassiere behavior.

woman wearing a perfect fitting bra

Start Your Bra on the Loosest Hook:  Nethero explains that you should purchase a bra that fits when using the loosest hook on the bra. This way, after wash and wear you can tighten the bra by moving to the second and third hooks and continuing to maintain the lift and fit from when the bra was first purchased.

Keep Your Girls In Place: It's important to know exactly where you should be keeping your coveted cups in place. Nethero says that "the perfect position for your breasts is midway between your shoulders and your elbows. And your bra should be level front to back." While many women make the mistake of going up in measurement size (the band width), you may actually need to go deeper in cup size to get this ideal fit.

woman putting bra on

Alternate Your Bras: In order to maximize wear, alternate the bras you wear throughout the week. Nethero explains that wearing the same bra two days in a row without rest can wear out the elastic support. Who can say they are guilty of this undergarment infraction? {all hands raise in unison}

Know the Signs of Bra Failure: To identify if you are in the wrong bra size, look for signs like your "cup runneth over" or dimpling cups to know if it's time to go up or down a bra size.  If you put on your bra, and the dreaded back fat makes an unwelcome appearance, it's likely time to change your bra size. If your straps continuously fall, it's time to change bra sizes.

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Find a Fitting: Bra fittings are incredibly important and often underused when bra shopping takes place. When shopping for a new bra especially after a recent body change like weight loss or child birth, it's important to have a professional help measure you and find the correct bra size. Then, let the bra hop shopping commence!