Fat Tuesday's Skinny Makeovers: 11 Slimmed Down Mardi Gras Meals

It's Mardi Gras time and that means food and fun is in the air. However, some of that Fat Tuesday food is just that - fattening. And it's not much fun afterwards when you feel bloated and guilty about enjoying the festivities a little too much. But don't fret, you can still enjoy your Mardi Gras favorites, but without all that guilt. Here are some great slimmed down meals that you and your family can enjoy!

Skinny Low-Country Gumbo: When you think Mardi Gras, you think gumbo. And with a hearty and healthy mixture of shrimp, spices and veggies, you'll never feel guilty about having seconds. (via Skinny Mom)

shrimp lowcountry gumbo

Crispy Catfish with Tartar Sauce: All the creaminess without the extra fat and calories, this delicious recipe replaces those heavy sauces with lighter ingredients like Greek yogurt, light mayo and even some heart-healthy flaxseed. (via Skinny Mom)

crispy catfish fillet

Sweet and Spicy Crab Cakes: No Mardi Gras meal is complete without some crab cakes. The mix of spices and sweetness give these cakes something to celebrate fur sure. (via Skinny Mom)


Vegetarian Cuban Rice and Beans: This incredible side dish gets a healthy makeover with brown rice and a true fiber favorite, black beans. Combine that with some jalepeño pepper and other Spanish spices and you won't even notice the absence of meat. (via Fit Sugar)

vegetarian cuban rice and beans fitsugar skinnymom

Shrimp Creole: Creole is a Mardi Gras staple. All the spices and flavors of New Orleans are right here in one delicious and spicy dish. (via Skinnytaste)

shrimp creole

Big Easy Fried Pickles and Red Slaw: Fry 'em up and savor this sour, sweet and crunchy appetizer. The optional nutritional yeast gives the pickles a cheesy flavor while the slaw gets a sweet and vinegary dressing that will satisfy your taste buds with every bite. (via Babble)


Savory Corn Bread: Nothing accompanies a good Mardi Gras meal like some sweet corn bread. Forget all the excess sugar and fat that you find in most corn breads, because this one uses applesauce, fat-free milk and minimal sugar so you won't feel like you're sacrificing taste for health. (via Taste of Home)

fresh baked corn bread

Mardi Gras Fruit Punch: Every Mardi Gras celebration needs a festive drink to go with it. How about trying this fruit-filled punch? Natural fruit juices and some ginger ale make this bubbly punch a real crowd pleaser for the entire family (via She Knows)

homemade fruit punch bowl

King Cake: King Cake is a traditional and colorful Mardi Gras dessert. This one gets the skinny treatment by using both reduced-fat cream cheese and crescent rolls as well as light brown sugar. (via Skinny Mom)

skinny mom mardi gras king cake

Guilt-free Beignets: This French doughnut is usually fried, but here it is baked using less sugar and with buttermilk. Now you don't have to worry about over indulging since this positively tasty pastry won't ruin your healthy diet (via Eat Live Run).


Louisiana Citrus Breakfast Crepes: Crepes make a great breakfast, snack or dessert, but they are usually a diet disaster. Well, not in this case. Fat-free milk and reduced-fat sour cream create a crepe that won't wreck your healthy ways (via My Recipes) (photo credit)


These healthier Mardi Gras recipes will please even the pickiest of palates. They are short on fat and calories, but big on flavor and fun. Now you can enjoy Fat Tuesday without feeling fat on Wednesday. So eat, celebrate and enjoy a guilt-free and festive Mardi Gras!