Watch: Dove's Latest Beauty Campaign Features Bottles Matching Body Types and People Have No Time for This Nonsense

In the past, people have been fully on board with Dove's body-positive campaigns, which feature real women learning to love their bodies. This time, however, the Internet seems to agree that Dove's ad campaign has jumped the shark, to borrow a term from television.

The new campaign features body types without featuring any actual bodies. Instead, the shampoo company is peddling bottles that are designed to reflect certain body shapes.

There's a pear-shaped bottle, a tall skinny bottle, a round bottle, a curvy bottle, and an hour-glass bottle.

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The ad, which suggests people "Celebrate the many shapes and sizes of beauty," is an odd way to sell soap.

Some users pointed out how absurd it was to expect women to define their body types by buying a certain size, others joked about whether it was politically correct to choose the lean bottle, while others pointed out that in a practical sense, these bottles simply aren't designed to sit on shower shelves.

What do you think of the new ad: is it a cute, cheeky take on body positivity or is it just plain silly?



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