Ditch Plastic Baggies for These Cool Containers

As busy moms, you probably don't set aside time each day to handpick Cheerios from between the car seats, run to the grocery when you fill the last sandwich bag or scramble to find a single matching lid for one of the 75 storage containers stashed away in your kitchen. No mother has the time or patience to deal with this added chaos, so we've made it simple for you. Try using these practical snack packers for every activity to eliminate accidents and mishaps. And because we know you like to be the coolest mom on the block, they're all super stylish, too.

For the car: On road trips to Grandma's or en route to school, fill this OXO Large Flip-Top Snack Cup with your kid's favorite snack. It fits perfectly in a cup holder and has non-slip grips so you won't have to blindly reach around the back seat for snacks while you're chauffeuring the family. The lid stays attached, too, so it won't disappear like your sock's mate.

OXO flip top cup
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For school: Yank-apart storage containers often require the strength of the Hulk just to pry the lid off. And if you pull too hard? Those healthy midday munchers might just end up all over the classroom floor. Avoid your kid's most embarrassing mishaps by packing with Lunchbots 8-oz. Rounds Set. The top twists off simply and is completely leak-proof, making it ideal for applesauce, yogurt and fruits.

Lunchbots container
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It's time to ditch those zip-close plastic baggies and become an eco-friendly family. There are lots of reusable snack pouches, but what about sandwiches? The Kinderville Silicone Sandwich Pouch offers the perfect solution for packing PB&J for school or playtime. It's slim, dishwasher-safe and solves your "last Ziploc®" debacle for good.

kinderville sandwich pouch
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For work: Don't be known as "that employee," the one who takes up half of the break room fridge with stacked snack containers. Try Lunchbots Quad All Stainless so that you only need to pack a single container for your morning, midday and afternoon snack. Packing a variety of snacks also prevents you from lurking around the vending machine if you get new cravings throughout the work day.

lunch bots
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A morning yogurt with fresh fruit and crunchy granola can be the perfect pick-me-up — that is, unless your pack-ahead parfait toppings get chewy from mixing together. Asobu Yo2Go Yogurt Container solves this soggy problem by allowing you to keep your toppings in a separate stacked container. It also comes with an attached spoon for easy eating.

Asobu yogurt container
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For shopping: A day out on the town can have your tummy rumbling, but carrying bulky snack containers isn't a practical option. Good Lunch Snack Sacks are fabric foldable and machine-washable containers that hold snacks large and small discreetly. Completing the set is a see-through lunch sack for long days out, large enough to pack all your favorite food with ease.

good lunch sandwich bags
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For the playground: For healthy (and adorable) eating on the go, look no further than Hutzler Snack Attack Carrot and Dip to-Go. It includes a veggie container and stackable dip storage top. If your little one prefers other healthy snacks, Snack Attacks are also available for celery, apples, grapes and kiwi, ensuring there's a dip-and-go pack for all their favorite fruits and vegetables.

Hutzler snack attack
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For the home: If it's a grab and go kind of morning, prepare by securing frequently eaten snacks in your home with Copco Bag Cap. This cap top secures bags of all sizes to prevent them from getting stale, attracting freezer burn or accidentally spilling from the pantry. If you forget to pack snacks ahead, just grab a bag with a capped seal to ensure your midday munch will be fresh and spill-proof.

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For the gym: If you find time to make it to the gym while balancing motherhood, school, work, household chores and a mile-long to-do list, we applaud you. But because that sounds incredibly stressful, try lightening your load by using this GoStak Starter 4Pak by BlenderBottle®. Perfect for busy moms looking to squeeze in some gym time, this stackable unit can store your protein powder, supplements and even snacks, and can be toted around easily with the attached top handle, making it a little simpler to be Super Mom.

blender bottle
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