6 Tips for Designing a Neutral Chic Nursery

We are lovers of all things neutral: shoes, makeup and most of all, home décor. Neutral color palettes serve as the perfect base for any and every design scheme we could ever dream up (or pin all over our Pinterest boards). Plus, neutral rooms always end up looking clean and beautifully minimal while still maintaining a slight warmth and homey-ness that’s not blatant or overpowering.

Currently our favorite neutral look is for a precious nursery for the luckiest littles. No matter if you’re decorating for a little girl, little boy or you’re adventurous enough to wait and be surprised, you’ll fall in love with this dreamy neutral nursery inspiration.

Mother Mag
(Photo: Mother Mag)

Add Wallpaper
Adding a neutral wallpaper with a trendy, geometric print like herringbone will instantly freshen up your space; if you are the transient type, there are lots of removable wallpaper options for the commitment-phobe in you.

(Photo: Lonny)

Mix Patterns
Mix light gray, dark gray and creams in different patterns - like a striped crib sheet and a spotted rug - to keep a neutral nursery from feeling boring or stale.

Smitten Studio
(Photo: Smitten Studio Online)

Pair It With Pastels
If you want to up the color ante a little without losing the neutral vibe, opt for soft pastels like a baby blue blanket or a blush pink rug.

Paige Johnson Photo
(Photo: Paige Johnson Photo)

Use Natural Raw Wood
A natural wood crib, side tables and even storage baskets or toys makes for an airy, breathable and organic-feeling neutral nursery.

My Domaine
(Photo: My Domaine)

Create One Bold Focal Point
In a sea of neutral tans and taupes, it’s fun and exciting to pick just one unexpected, bright item – like an Aztec rug – for a bold punch of color.

RH Baby
(Photo: RH Baby & Child)

Go Completely Monochromatic
Go all in with this trend by making every aspect of your nursery the same neutral tone - from the layers of bedding all the way up to the pendant lighting - for a totally gorgeous and completely classic feel.