Watch: Mother Accused of Faking 13-Year-Old Son's Terminal Illness

A Texas woman has been accused of faking her 13-year-old son's terminal illness due to her case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, the Star-Telegram reports.

Danita Tutt, from Cleburne, was arrested Friday after accusations that she lied about her son's condition. Tutt's son, Colby Tutt, has been chronically ill since birth, but documents allege that Tutt lied about her son's medical history to doctors, causing Colby to undergo multiple unnecessary surgeries and unneeded treatment.

Investigators allege that Tutt withheld food and water from her son, and police say his surgeries included placement of a central line that later led to a potentially life-threatening blood infection.

Child Protective Services took custody of Colby and his younger brother on May 6 after a report was filed after Tutt removed Colby from the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth, where he had been receiving palliative care since April 21. At the time, Colby weighed just 51 pounds.

The report alleges that Tutt had already purchased a casket for Colby. Hospice administrator, Connie Koehler, also stated in an affidavit that Tutt had asked multiple times if there was something that could be given to Colby "to make him go to sleep" and not "wake up."

"Mrs. Tutt is an attention-seeking type person and enjoys the attention she gets for having two medically fragile children," CPS documents allege. "There are concerns that she may end Colby's life. There are concerns for the safety of his sibling."

Colby's case had previously received national attention after his family raised thousands of dollars for his care and he received a visit from his favorite wrestler, WWE star Erick Rowan.


Colby and his brother now live with their maternal grandparents. Colby now only eats by mouth and has gained 10 pounds.