This Device Gave Grieving Mom 3 Extra Days With Baby After He Passed Away

Becki Wilson was heartbroken when her baby boy, Carter-James, died at just 16 hours old.

There was one thing, however, that made her time with her son all the more special — and she said it made the tragic loss "a hell of a lot easier."

Wilson was able to cherish even more time with her son, thanks to a "Cuddle Cot."

The crib-cooling device keeps a baby's body at an appropriate temperature so that grieving parents can spend additional time with their newborn. While many may not understand the idea of wanting to stay with a a baby for more than a few hours after they have passed, Wilson described the time as "magical."

"I got to dress him, got to wash him and got to stare at him for hours like any other mother would," she told The Daily Mail. "Being able to do that made a dramatic difference. I felt like I was able to be a mom to him and that's something I'll never forget."

After her son died, Wilson learned that another family had asked for a Cuddle Cot but there were none available. Since then, she's tasked herself with raising awareness so the cot will be more accessible for bereaved parents.

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"The Cuddle Cot enables a family whose baby has died to spend a little bit more time with them. The Cot cools the baby, slowing the natural processes that occur after death. A child is delivered but dies every four hours in [England] and this relatively new technology helps by allowing a fuller 'cradle to grave' experience for traumatized parents in need of comfort," Wilson wrote on her JustGiving page.

"The little ones are cleaned and weighed and measured. They are swaddled and snuggled as any other. Then they are placed in a Moses basket or crib, and lain on the eight-degree cooling pad, slowing down the effects of nature," she added.

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