Cool Hot Flashes By Going Back To The Basics

woman walking her dog outside

Menopause is like a rowdy, unpredictable house guest that you have to tolerate. As much as you want to flip the "off" switch, you're kind of stuck with it. Hot flashes are the most common and most frequent symptom of menopause. These quick bursts of heat are caused by changing hormones and a multitude of other varying factors, causing the blood vessels to dilate and push against your skin's surface to create a cooling effect, also known as sweating. So, would you believe that the answer to stop unwanted sweat and hot flashes is to cause yourself to heat up and sweat?

That's right. Daily exercise the is key to keeping your hot flashes under control. It can be as simple as walking. You can get a great strength and cardio workout that's gentle on the joints by swimming a few laps or giving the elliptical a try.

Exercise can replace hormone therapy. Instead of going through hormone therapy, why not take a walk? In a two-year Swedish study, researchers found that daily exercise had the same effect as hormone replacement therapy: increased central opioid activity, therefore reduced incidences and severity of hot flashes. With simple aerobic exercise, 55 percent of the participants experienced fewer hot flashes as well as a boost in estrogen levels.

Get ahead of the game. You might be decades away from experiencing menopause, but you can do something about it now. For women who are more fit and already leading a healthy, active lifestyle, their menopause symptoms are remarkably less severe. Scanning through approximately 3,500 women who described their menopause symptoms, researchers in Central and South America found that sedentary women were 21 percent more likely to experience more severe symptoms.


You can begin an exercise routine at any age. Even in your 40s, a new active routine will help you fend off the annoying side effects of menopause. Getting your weight under control is a huge factor in keeping your symptoms under control. Click here to see how you begin an easy and enjoyable walking routine today.

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