Can You Make Canned Fish Fancy?

Canned fish gets a bad rap. While, granted, it doesn't smell heavenly, why should it take such a hit to the ego? Depending on where you live, fresh fish can get very sparse and difficult to find. Add that to the Lenten season and you might be desperate for a good fish fry in a few Fridays. Here are a few ways from Women's Health to spruce up your plain old canned anchovies.

canned fish

Tuna: Stick with skipjack and albacore. Wild Planet brand is sustainably pole-and-line-caught.

More Can-Dos: Mix it into a salad of chard and white beans; use it for fish tacos; stuff it in tomatoes.

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Salmon: Look for sockeye or the milder pink variety. The small pin bones are often cooked with the fish, adding extra calcium.

More Can-Dos: Make burgers or fish cakes; put it in a creamy chowder; try it smoked — Patagonia sells pouches that are perfect for hiking and camping.

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Sardines: These tiny fish have a big, bold taste and are dense with omega-3 oils. Bela brand offers them smoked in different flavors.


More Can-Dos: Add to your next antipasto platter; top crostini; grill and eat them whole.

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