Busy Week? Here Are 7 Easy Dinners That Won't Disappoint

Moms know just how busy and chaotic a week can get. Sometimes you know ahead of time and sometimes the craziness just creeps up on you with no advanced notice. And when those hectic weeks leave you no time to plan and prep your dinners, you end up doing what many moms don't like to do—hitting the nearest drive-thru or take-out place. But dinner doesn't always have to be a multistep process or difficult to make. These seven easy dinners are not only great for those busy weeks, but they are sure to be big hits with your family.

Chicken Broccoli Casserole: Not only is this dinner easy to make, but it has a very short ingredient list. You can also make it in advance and then just reheat it come dinner time. Chicken, broccoli, reduced-fat cheese, reduced-fat cream of mushroom soup and some light mayo serve up a creamy casserole that easily serves a family of five. Click here to get the recipe.

broccoli casserole

Three Cheese Penne: Who doesn't love a tasty pasta dish for dinner? All you have to do is make your pasta—again, something you can make ahead of time. Once it's done, throw it into a baking dish along with some reduced fat or low fat ricotta, cottage and mozzarella cheeses. Don't forget the onion, garlic, parsley and, of course, the no sugar added pasta sauce. After a half hour, dinner is ready to eat. Get the entire recipe by clicking here.

3 cheese penne

Beef Casserole: You can't go wrong with a casserole because everything you could possibly want is in one delicious dish. This one is loaded up with ground sirloin, whole wheat egg noodles and veggies. For flavor, garlic, chili powder, pepper flakes and reduced-sugar tomato sauce are thrown into the mix. Again, make it ahead of time or even the night before when you know time won't be on your side. Click here to get the full recipe.

beef casserole

Pan Seared Salmon Citrus Salad: A delicious and healthy dinner in less than thirty minutes? Absolutely. Once you pan sear the lemon, salt and pepper-infused salmon in some coconut oil, all you have to do is put the salad together, blend the fresh citrus vinaigrette dressing ingredients and then add the salmon to it. Easy, quick and delicious! Click here to get the recipe.

salmon citrus salad

Florentine Flatbread Pizza: Instead of ordering a greasy, high carb/high fat pie from your local pizzeria, try this healthier version that features a whole wheat flatbread crust along with some savory and unique ingredients like artichoke hearts, water chestnuts and spinach sautéed in a creamy mixture of reduced fat cream cheese and sour cream. Top your flatbread with all of it and bake. Get this simple recipe by clicking here.

florentine flatbread

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork: What's perfect about slow cookers is that you can let the meal cook itself during the day while you go about your activities. By the time dinner rolls around, it's ready to eat. Try this pulled pork recipe that includes onions and a scrumptious blend of garlic, chili powder, brown sugar, cumin, reduced sodium chicken broth and reduced sugar barbecue sauce. Click here to get the recipe.

pulled pork0comments

Cheese Enchiladas: This one will be a surefire keeper since it takes all of fifteen minutes to make (not including some prep time). Low carb, high fiber tortillas are stuffed and baked with a combination of low fat cottage cheese, part skim ricotta cheese, reduced fat Mexican cheese, onion, jalapeno pepper and green chilies. Pour some enchilada sauce under and on top of the enchiladas and in record time, you and your family are enjoying a hearty and healthy Mexican meal. Get this recipe by clicking here.

cheese enchiladas

Next time life gets in the way and you barely have time to do anything, try one of these easy dinners that are short on time, but big on taste. You can even make these the day or night before. Then all you have to do is reheat and eat—doesn't get any easier (or healthier) than that!