Baby Bump Strength Circuit [VIDEO]

Finding a balance with your exercise routine during pregnancy can be a little tricky. Some women feel like they're better off relaxing on the couch with their feet up than heading to the gym, afraid they might cause harm to their developing baby by pushing too hard. As long as you're considered low-risk and your doctor approves exercise for you, focus on your strength training. Conditioning and cardio can be exhausting and jarring for both you and baby, but with strength, you'll both be better prepared for the big day!

Follow fitness instructor Amanda Palmer through nine exercises, beginning with one rep of the first. You'll perform two reps of the second, then go back to one rep of the first, repeating this pattern until you've completed a ladder of nine. Take a break whenever you want and modify as needed. You'll need a bench or step (try the edge of your couch) and some dumbbells. Time for some bonding with your belly!


Moves You'll See

  • Burpee (modified)
  • Pushup on Knees (elevated)
  • Standing Reverse Fly
  • Weighted Squats
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Shoulder Lift to Mac Raise
  • Triceps Extension
  • Alternating (Reverse) Lunges
  • Romanian Deadlift