An Airport Security Guard Made a Mom Prove She Was Lactating In the Most Embarrassing Way

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(Photo: Facebook / Gayathiri Bose)

If you think you have an airport security nightmare story, try this one on for size. 33-year-old mother of two, Gayathiri Bose, was traveling through the Frankfurt Airport en route to Paris when she was stopped at security after they x-rayed the bag and noticed her breast pump.

Apparently, security didn't recognize the breast pump device, according to what Bose told the BBC, and forced her to go into a private room with a female officer who then took away her passport and asked multiple questions about the pump. Because Bose did not have her infant with her at the time, security was not believing that Bose was actually breastfeeding. Guess you only are breastfeeding if the baby is attached to you 24/7? Try again.

In the BBC interview, Bose explained the female officer's request to "prove" she was lactating by "first opening her shirt and showing her breast." The officer was confused about why there wasn't anything "attached" to Bose's breast. Bose says she was then told to squeeze her breast to express a bit of milk, in order to show that she was in fact lactating.

Understandably, Bose was "In shock and going through the motions... I just started to cry, I was terribly upset," Bose told the BBC. In an article by Redbook, they confirmed with the airport that Bose was checked, her breast pump was inspected, but it is denied that any officer had required her to prove lactation by squeezing her breast. Adding that the inspecting officer was a policewoman who is herself a mom of two.



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