Alcohol That Won't Make You Fat

Sometimes at the end of what seems like a never-ending day, the only thing that sounds remotely feasible is to sit back and unwind with an adult beverage... or two. The only problem is that alcohol is full of unwanted calories that could seriously put a dent in your diet. Whether you're out with the girls for happy hour or just enjoying a few beers at the end of the day, here are the best types of alcohol to drink that won't pack on the pounds... Just pick your poison.


Miller 64: 64 calories per 12 oz

Michelob Ultra: 95 calories per 12 oz

Amstel Light: 95 calories per 12 oz

Miller Light: 96 calories per 12 oz

Corona Light: 99 calories per 12 oz

Yuengling Light: 99 calories per 12 oz

Coors Light: 102 calories per 12 oz

Bud Light: 110 calories per 12 oz



Skinnygirl White: 100 calories per 5 oz

Skinnygirl Rose: 100 calories per 5 oz

Skinnygirl Red: 100 per 5 oz

Franzia Cabernet Sauvignon: 105 calories per 5 oz

Franzia Merlot: 105 calories per 5 oz

Champagne: 110 per 5 oz

Mimosa: 89 calories per 5 oz


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Tanqueray Gin: 116 calories per 1.5 oz

Ketel One Vodka: 96 calories per 1.5 oz

Skinnygirl Bare Naked Vodka: 75 calories per 1.5 oz

Jose Cuervo Gold & Silver Tequila: 96 calories per 1.5 oz

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Bacardi Rum: 98 calories per 1.5 oz

Rum & Diet: 172 calories per 12 oz

rum and diet

Vodka & Cranberry: 201 calories per 12 oz

Vodka & Soda: 96 calories per 12 oz


Gin & Tonic: 143 per 12 oz

Whiskey & Diet: 192 calories per 12 oz