A New Breed of Kale: Kalettes

What would happen if you decided to combine kale and brussels sprouts? Sounds like it would make one of the greenest, healthiest vegetables around, right? Tozer Seed – a British vegetable breeding company – decided to do just that. It took them 15 years, but they finally created what they're now calling kalettes. After all those years, Tozer Seed was able to finally come up with a new vegetable that combined the best flavors of kale and brussels sprouts.

(Photo: Modern Farmer)

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This new and exciting vegetable is available in grocery stories now! You can check out kalettes' Facebook and Twitter pages to find stores near you that are selling this new vegetable. They have found that it is versatile and easy to prepare with its sweet and nutty flavoring. (via Kalettes)

It has a core similar to brussels sprouts and kale-like leaves, so kalettes look like a perfect hybrid of these two vegetables. It easily fits in the palm of your hand and can be used the same way you would use kale or brussels sprouts. You can steam, roast, grill or just eat kalettes raw in a salad! They also cook up faster than brussels sprouts because they're not as dense. (via The Daily Meal)

kalettes comparison
(Photo: Modern Farmer)

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The best thing is that Kalettes are packed with nutrients and antioxidants while being full of fiber thanks to the brussels sprouts. They're completely healthy for you and non-GMO because they were developed through traditional hybridization and not genetically modified.


It still might be difficult to get your little ones to eat these healthy, green vegetables but you can always click here to find ways to hide your veggies!

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