A Bad Attitude Equals Poor Results

As a mom, you have probably experienced your children’s less than stellar attitude when it comes to things like cleaning their room, eating their vegetables or just listening when you tell them to do something. So of course you know that their bad attitude usually yields poor results—the room stays a mess, they do not eat the vegetables that are good for them and they put you in a bad mood when they refuse to listen to what you say. Well, if you have a bad attitude when it comes to improving your health, guess what? You will be seeing the same poor results as you do from your kids.

woman screaming mad

Think about this…if your whole heart and mind is not really up to something whether it is taking time to exercise, changing your diet or trying to get more sleep, how can you expect to get any positive results? Not wanting to do something out of laziness, selfishness, lack of will power or stubbornness will get you nowhere fast.

The good news is that you can get out of that mindset and turn those negative results into positive ones. Here are some tips to do just that:

Set Mini Goals for Yourself: Nothing fuels a fire like setting a goal and trying to reach it. The problem is that most people set very big goals and do not realize that it will take longer to reach them. So start with small ones. You can decide to try running for a mile, avoiding processed food for a week or taking a long walk every day after the kids are dropped off at school. Maybe your goal is as simple as trying to drink eight glasses of water every day or trying a new fruit or vegetable. Whatever it is, see if you can do it. If you reach your goal, make next week's a little more challenging. If you don't accomplish it, make your goal slightly smaller.

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Stop Waiting for Something to Happen—Make it Happen: Most moms probably agree that they spend a lot of time waiting—waiting to pick up the kids, waiting for soccer practice to end, waiting for dinner to be ready (or delivered). Instead of spending all that time waiting, use that time to do something constructive and positive for your health. Change doesn't come about on its own.

Do Not Let Others Influence Your Attitude: Unfortunately, there are people in your circle who will try to bring you down. Try not to let someone else’s bad attitude turn into your bad attitude. If you let that happen, you will begin to turn all of your positives into negatives resulting in a bad attitude on just about everything.

Life Has its Ups and Downs: You do not have to be chipper and upbeat twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Life is filled with uncertainties, curve balls and events that are beyond your control. But letting it influence your attitude to the point that it affects anything good you are doing for yourself will only lead to a downward spiral of poor results. Accept the fact that although you cannot control everything, you can control your attitude and the way you deal with adversity. Dealing with things with a positive attitude is a lot easier than letting it bring you down.


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You probably know that a bad attitude is going to affect the way you perform, the way you view things and whether or not you reach your goals. To see positive results, you need a positive attitude. It is what will drive you to succeed and ignite your passion to accomplish just about anything. You need as much mental clarity and positivity for improving your health as you would for anything else in life. In the case of better health, do not let negativity be your undoing. Turn negatives into positives and watch how quickly great results come your way.