9 Reasons You Can't Beat the Fatigue

Are you hitting the sack early but still find yourself repeatedly hitting the snooze button come morning? Does getting through your day consist of the need for staggered jolts of caffeine kicks and incessant day dreaming of bed time? If constant fatigue is something you struggle with, there may be more to blame in your everyday routine than you think. Check out these often overlooked reasons for feeling like a walking zombie.

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What You Eat: It seems reasonable to reach for that afternoon cup of coffee or handful of sugary treats when you're struggling to keep your eyes open after the mid-day slump. Your efforts could backfire though leaving you more fatigued as blood sugars spike and crash. If you needed another reason for a more healthy diet, note that people who are not overweight report struggling with less fatigue than those carrying extra weight (WebMd)

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When You Exercise: Exercise can actually improve sleep but if you are exercising at the end of the day, you could be sparking endorphins that make it difficult to get your shut eye at night. Plan to finish your exercise at least three hours before bedtime to ensure your body has enough time to slow down and prepare for rest.

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Missing Nutrients: Another reason for focusing on healthy eating (do we sound like a broken record?). If you're missing key nutrients in your diet, you could be sabotaging your sleep. Aside from making sure you're eating a well rounded diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables, you can also ask a doctor to perform blood tests to check your important nutrient levels.

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Alcohol Use: Does that bedtime glass of wine or mixed cocktail help you fall asleep? Well, while it may help you fall asleep, it may also be responsible for you not getting an adequate amount of rest as you wake up throughout the night due to alcohol in your blood stream.

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Medications: Check your medication side effects for potential sleep disturbance effects. This even includes antihistamines, cough medicines and cold remedies which can disrupt sleep.

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Medical Conditions: Many medical conditions can be associated with fatigue. Anemia, heart disease, liver failure, depression, and more might play a role in restless sleep which leads to fatigue. The Mayo Clinic lists some of these possible medical issues that can result in fatigue here.

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Snoring: Do you and your bed mate often face a sleep stand-off due to your snoring? The fact is that snoring may not only be disruptive of the sleep of others, it can also prevent you from getting a good night's rest. Sleep apnea and other sleep conditions can be resolved after your doctor performs some sleep tests on you to pinpoint the problem.

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Stress: If you're going through a stressful time or feel anxiety at bedtime due to all the issues spinning through your head, this can certainly prevent a restful night's sleep. Find a bedtime routine that helps you relax. Take a warm bath, sip on warm decaffeinated tea, or meditate an hour before bed to help your mind rest in preparation for your body to also rest.

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Turn off Electronic Devices: You may think that the TV in the background helps you fall asleep, but it can be doing just the opposite. Our bodies and eyes take at least an hour to prepare for rest after looking at things like our televisions, laptops, and electronic reading devices.