9 Healthy Peanut Butter Alternatives

peanut butter

According to MedicineNet, about 3 million Americans are allergic to peanuts. Chances are that your children may not even be allowed to bring peanut-related foods into school because peanut allergies are so severe among young students. Peanuts and peanut butter have been staples of school lunches for decades, so figuring out new easy school lunches for your little ones may drive you nuts. That's why we have compiled nine healthy alternatives to peanut butter for you!

Almond butter: Almonds are a great source of Omega-6 fatty acids, and an even better source of Omega-3 fatty acids than peanut butter. They also contain the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie and ounce than most other nuts. These nutritionally dense nuts contain calcium, iron, Vitamin E, phosphate, magnesium and potassium. Almond butter has been on the rise and is giving peanut butter a heck of a run for its money. You can make your own or buy it at any grocery store. Check out our favorite ways to use almond butter! (via Greatist)

Coconut butter: Coconuts are heart-healthy and support your immune system, boosts your metabolism and can even prevent bacterial infections! However, coconut butter is high in fat content, so limit your intake to a few tablespoons at a time. Coconuts aren't just good for butter — check out everything you can do with coconut oil. (via Greatist)

Hazelnut butter: Throw away the fat and sugar-loaded Nutella and make your own hazelnut butter! Hazelnuts are great sources of Omega-6 fatty acids, and they also contain lots of fiber, copper and manganese. They aren't extremely high in protein, so you might want to pair hazelnut butter with fortified pasta or another protein-packed food. (via Greatist)

Walnut butter: Walnut butter is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that improve your blood vessel health and help reduce inflammation. There's always a catch, though — walnuts are high in saturated fat and low in protein. You'll want to limit your intake of walnut butter and pair it with protein-packed foods. Make your own with this easy recipe. (via Greatist)

walnut butter
(Photo: California Walnuts)

Pistachio butter: These have more protein than other nuts, so get crackin' and make some pistachio butter! Pistachios are also full of fiber and potassium. (via Greatist)

Soy butter: Not only is soy butter a better source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 than peanut butter, but it also has more protein! Plus, it contains all essential amino acids and prevents heart disease and cancer. (via Greatist)

Cashew butter: Cashews are loaded with vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorous and manganese. Cashews also help to reduce triglyercide levels, which is especially helpful for diabetics. Make your own cashew butter in a few easy steps. (via Greatist)

Pumpkin seed butter: Not only does pumpkin seed butter contain more protein than peanut butter, but it's also an awesome source of fiber, potassium and beta-carotene, which gives a boost to your immune system. (via Greatist) Looking for some more ways to use your pumpkin seeds? We've got you covered.


Sesame seed butter (Tahini): No matter if you call it sesame seed butter or Tahini, the nutrients will always be jam-packed in this tasty peanut butter alternative. It's full of calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin B1 and fiber. Sesame seed butter can also lower your cholesterol and prevent heart disease and cancer. (via Greatist)

What are your favorite peanut butter alternatives? Let us know in the comments below!