9 Best Ever Skinny Layered Dips

Nothing says snacking like diving into a good dip when a case of the mid-day munchies pops up or simply preparing appetizers to play hostess to a group of friends. A layered dip is a perfect and easy alternative to impress with minimal effort.  Most layered dips will have your healthy eating goals belly flop, but with these nine delicious layered dips, you can skinny dip with confidence as they pack in lots of layered tastes with minimal guilt.

1. Skinny Taco Dip: A perfect dip for entertaining when you don't want to serve an entire meal but don't want your guests to have rumbling bellies. Served with veggies or baked chips for dipping, this is a Skinny Mom favorite. (via Skinnytaste)

healthy taco dip

2. Greek 5-Layer Dip: Take the usual snack of hummus up a notch…or five with this delicious Greek dip that combines veggies, feta, and seasonings for powerful flavor that will have you licking your trifle bowl because this dip is devoured before you blink.


3. Skinny Layered Pizza Dip: Pizza is such a social meal, why not make it even more crowd-friendly by serving up this tasty pizza dip packed with traditional pizza favorites and some skinny swaps to make it plunge-worthy?! (via Dashing Dish)


4. Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip: Taking a Mediterranean spin on a traditional 7-layer Mexican dip, this dip offers a more refined flavor utilizing feta, cucumber, red peppers, and other flavors to give this a fresh twist on a layer dip. (via Cookin' Canuk)


5. Sweet Potato Seven-Layer Dip: Not only does this dip offer an unexpected explosion of flavor with the sweet potato base, it makes a gorgeous presentation in your trifle bowl of colors that scream flavor and savor. (via Namely Marly)


6. Layered Chipotle Hummus and Guacamole Dip: Take all of your healthy fat favorites and combine them for a filling dip with a kick of chipotle flavor. (via My Kitchen Addition)

healthy hummus guacamonle dip

7. Guacomole Bean Dip: A vegan option packed with protein and flavor and cheesy oozieness with the help of vegan cheese that can easily be swapped for low-fat dairy cheese, if desired. (via The Kind Life) (photo credit)

chipotle bean dip0comments

8. Indian Six-Layer Dip: Another flavor of culture, this easy six ingredient dip includes chutney, cheese, flaked coconut, scallions and more for a pile of unexpected flavor for a layer dip. (via Nutmeg Notebook)


9. California 7-Layer Dip: A west coast spin on the 7-layer craze, this dip combines a fusion of flavor that can easily be skinnified by choosing low-fat swaps for some of the dairy included. (via Spoonful)