8 Foods to Beat Belly Fat

No one thinks very kindly of belly fat. It's something that no one wants to even think about! Hopefully, one day all belly fat will just mysteriously disappear. Until then, we have to use exercise and dieting to get rid of it. There are actually a few foods that can assist in making your belly fat disappear too. Check out what foods you should add to your diet, alongside exercising regularly of course, so you never have to think about belly fat again!

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woman pinching belly fat

Sauerkraut: This fermented food that you usually see on top of a hot dog can seriously help you reduce your belly fat! Much like pickled veggies and kimchi, it is a great source of probiotics. It helps to support healthy digestion and decreases that bloating problem. It will also help your body get rid of all the bad bacteria that it has been harboring over the years. Make sure you get those probiotics into your system!

Yogurt: This is another great source of probiotics. A study showed that women lost twice as much as women who didn't include yogurt in their diet! You can easily add this to your diet for a breakfast or snack option.

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Onions and leeks: These are filled with prebiotics. Probiotics help to create good bacteria while prebiotics help to feed the good bacteria that is already there. They also produce something called butyrate — a metabolic drug that improves your insulin sensitivity and increases the amount of fat you burn. You'll probably want to add these to every meal now!

Avocado: When you're trying to eat healthy and get rid of your belly fat, you need to make sure you're still eating fats — good fats, at least. Avocados are a great example of good fats that are high in omega 3s and 6s. It will give you long-burning energy to keep your hunger at bay. Put it on your salad for a burst of energy after lunch or in your pre-workout smoothie!

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Leafy greens: Add these to the list of foods that get you the good bacteria that you need. Try bok choy, spinach or even kale in a salad or stir fry for a high fiber meal!

Jicama: This root vegetable is native to Mexico and contains a high amount of insulin. It will help to slow down the absorption of blood sugar to keep you fuller for longer. It also keeps your digestive juices working faster because it's high in magnesium and manganese.

Kiwi: The tiny, fuzzy fruit contains arabinogalactan, a plant-based fiber and prebiotic. It helps your metabolism to work efficiently and kills all your bad bacteria like E. coli. Mix this into your smoothie or have it for a yummy afternoon snack!

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Garlic: The antimicrobial in garlic goes after inflammation-causing bacteria, which causes bloating and leaves all your good bacteria in tact! It also has the same fiber as jicama — insulin — to help digest your food faster.

Source: Redbook Magazine