7 Healthy Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

You're craving something, but you don't know what. Most of all, you want something healthy yet satisfying at the same time. Here are just a few amazing Instagram accounts that feature healthy foods. Follow these accounts and you'll definitely be inspired to eat healthier!

@cleanfooddirtycity: It must be hard to stay healthy in a place like New York City with so many restaurants available at your fingertips, but this young woman does just that.

waffles donuts
(Photo: @cleanfooddirtycity)

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@dreamingofveggies: Finally someone made veganism look good. There's even chocolate involved!

buckwheat and quinoa pancakes
(Photo: @dreamingofveggies)

@healthy_cuddles: Giorgia fills her Instagram account with beautiful, multi-colored pictures of delicious foods. She favors yummy yogurt bowls and mason jars stuffed with healthy mixed salads.

salad with beet hummus dressing
(Photo: @healthy_cuddles)

@lemonsandleisure: Kristina is a wife and mom, so she knows the pressures of making a delicious meal. She has everything from pancakes and fries to yogurt bowls and smoothies.

smoothie bowl
(Photo: @lemonsandleisure)

@rawmissoulamomma: As a professional raw and vegan chef, Jenna has created recipes that can be followed by anyone of any skill level.

green curry
(Photo: @rawmisssoulmomma)

@hartmann_health: Marlies celebrates her weight loss by showing how she stays healthy. As a single mom it must be tough but she makes it look oh so easy with her various photos of healthy foods.

berry smoothie
(Photo: @hartmann_health)

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@brewinghappiness: Filled with guilty pleasures like pizza and ice cream, it'll be a surprise to find out that everything is sugar free and gluten free. So maybe you won't have to feel so guilty anymore!

raw tacos
(Photo: @brewinghappiness)

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