7 Foods to Increase Lactation

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You can't measure breast milk intake the way you can formula intake. Most nursing moms worry that their babies aren't getting enough to eat. If you're concerned that you aren't producing enough, there are lots of things you can try. One of those is adding these foods to your diet!

Fenugreek seeds: Also known as methi, you can have it as a tea, or easily add it to veggies. Fenugreek seeds not only increase breast milk but are also a great source of iron, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Be cautious though; this seed is a diuretic, so you'll want to make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

Fenurgeek seeds

Fennel seeds: Fennel seeds are shown to improve breast milk supply and could possibly prevent colic in your baby. It's also a good source of vitamin C. Add it to your veggies, rice, and even some desserts!

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Garlic: According to Baby Center, "Studies have shown that the infants of mothers who eat garlic tend to feed for a longer time, and many babies seem to like the flavor in breast milk." While you could eat garlic plain, we recommend you add it to a dish like our cheesy garlic pork chops!


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Oats: While there is no scientific study that proves oats will work, many women will suggest it to you. That's because oats are rich in iron, and the fact that it's a comfort food may help a nursing mother relax. We recommend throwing together overnight apple pie oatmeal in your slow cooker tonight. When you wake up in the morning, your house will smell delicious and you'll have a wholesome breakfast waiting for you.

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Flaxseed: Containing phytoestrogens, a plant-based compound that can mildly mimic estrogen, flaxseed is great for its lactogenic properties. In addition, it's a great source of fiber, which is also important for a nursing mother. Add it to your oatmeal, include it in cookies or muffins or put it in a smoothie. Get more info on the benefits of flaxseed here.


Brewer's yeast: With minerals, B vitamins, iron and protein, this is a well-recommended supplement for increasing milk supply. It has a slightly cheesy taste, so sprinkle it onto something like pasta, tacos or eggs to complete a meal.

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Water: Okay, water isn't technically food. But it is VERY important. Breast milk is a liquid, after all, and you need a regular intake of fluids to produce it, so keep yourself hydrated.

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Before changing your diet, be sure to talk to your physician or doctor.