7 Body-Positive Instagrams You’re Not Following (But Should Be)

Sometimes, a little reminder to love yourself can really help you through a tough day. Start following these great Instagram accounts so that next time you scroll through your feed, you can be surprised with a little feel-good reminder.

1. @LoveYourLines: Run by two moms, this Instagram celebrates the bodies of real women whose bodies have gone through real changes. From extreme weight loss to birth, you can love your lines with this Insta account.

Photo Credit: Instagram
(Photo: Instagram user loveyourlines)

2. @HonorCurves: This blogger has taken to Instagram to continue sharing her message of loving yourself, regardless of size. She calls herself a "Self Love Advocate" and wants you to feel the same. Click here to check out her profile.

Photo Credit: Instagram
(Photo: Instagram user honorcurves)

3. @HealthyIsTheNewSkinny: This may be a clothing brand, but it promotes so much more! By encouraging women to focus on health (instead of weight) this Instagram can give you a little happy reminder during the day. You can see their profile by clicking here.

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(Photo: Instagram user healthyisthenewskinny)

4. @EatTheCakeBlog: This Instagram comes from a popular blog that promotes women inspiring other women. They focus on staying body positive and empowering women. Click here to get inspired.

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(Photo: Instagram user eatthecakeblog)

5. @BigGalYoga: If you're a yogi, you may have already heard of this popular IG account, but if not, then it's time to follow! With amazing poses and beautiful scenery, your yoga practice will be inspired when these posts show up on your feed.

Photo Credit: Instagram
(Photo: Instagram)

6. @ItsMeKellieB: Fashion blogger of And I Get Dressed, Kellie B shares her love for fashion, travel and life itself on her Instagram. Not only will she give you body confidence, but also some clothing envy! Follow her by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Instagram
(Photo: Instagram user itsmekellieb)

7. @RadicalBodyLove: If you need a little more body love in your life, this is a great way to get it. With inspiring messages, photos and more, this Instagram can make your day a little brighter. Follow it by clicking here.

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(Photo: Instagram user radicalbodylove)

What are your favorite body-positive Instas? Share in the comments below.