6 Ways to Keep Sweat Under Control

Combine this blistering summer heat with a sweltering session at the gym and you've got the perfect formula for a bucket of sweat! Looking like a fashion model is probably not a top priority for you when you're working out, but drowning in pit stains and constantly mopping your face can get a little embarrassing for even the most confident women. Luckily, we've collected some tried-and-true tricks to keep you looking your best this summer.

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Know your products: One common pitfall most women succumb to is the quest for the perfect deodorant. Well, you can abort that mission because when it comes to sweating, deodorant is not going to be your knight in shining armor. Deodorant blocks odor rather than moisture, which may ultimately leave you smelling like roses, but does nothing to stop the spread of those sweat marks! Try sampling some antiperspirants instead, as these will go a long way in keeping you dry. Keep in mind that applying antiperspirant at night before you go to bed is your best option, since the active ingredient takes time to enter our pores and clog up those sweat ducts.

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Keep it cool: Once you are finished working out, make sure you cool off as soon as possible. Jumping into a cold shower or pool will lower your core temperature, and help put an end to all that sweating. If you are running low on time, try spending a minute or two in front of the air conditioning or spritzing yourself with a little water. A little relief from the heat will work wonders on those pit stains!

Keep it mild: Spicy foods might get those taste buds tingling, but they also stimulate our sweat glands. Certain spices actually have the power to activate neurotransmitters in our brain that can kickstart the sweating process. Try to hold off on your favorite Mexican recipes until after your workout. To learn more about the benefits of spices, click here.

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Dress for success: The right fabric will work miracles when it comes to keeping that sweating at bay. Splurge a little on lightweight, breathable material like cotton that will wick away any excess moisture. Clothing that fits a little more loosely will also help to keep your internal temp down. Also, make sure that your clothes are completely dry before you hit the gym. Wearing the same shirt again and again may be convenient, but it is only going to exacerbate those sweat marks. Check out these workout clothes that optimize your routine by clicking here!

De-stress, don't repress: Sure, physical activity can definitely boost our sweat production, but emotional stress can also add to the problem. Anxiety and stress can trigger those tricky neurotransmitters, so before you head to your next spinning class try to spend 15 minutes relaxing your mind. Deep breathing techniques, meditation or a simple vinyasa flow can greatly reduce your stress levels in no time.

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Shoes are the ultimate accessory: Squelching around the track in sweaty shoes and socks not only feels gross, but it can really take its toll on the skin of your feet. Make sure that you're changing your footwear regularly before and after you work out. When you are finished exercising, keep your shoes in a dry, sheltered area where they can completely dry out, and swap out your socks as frequently as necessary. You can also try foot powders to keep that excess moisture to a minimum.


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Exercising is about looking and feeling like your best possible self, so don't let a little extra sweat get in the way! For more information on how to keep that sweat at bay, check out our sources here: Fitness Magazine, Men's Fitness, WebMD.