6 Scents That Relieve Stress

woman relaxing in the bathtub

Stress is a huge factor in a mother's life. It comes from all aspects of your life and never seems to subside! Stress can lead to multiple negative effects on you, such as headaches, muscle aches, anxiety and many others. It can even kill your libido! Ridding yourself of stress is very important, especially during the upcoming holiday season. Aromatherapy is known to help eliminate stress through soothing and relaxing scents. The part of your brain that processes odors is very close to the part of your brain that houses emotions and memories. That's why a certain perfume can take you on a stroll down memory lane or the scent of lavender can calm you down. Here are six scents you should stock up on if you're feeling particularly stressed.

Cinnamon: Not only will cinnamon help to relieve stress, but it is also a mood booster! Plus, it's a superfood, and you know that we are all about superfoods here at Skinny Mom! Keep a few drops of cinnamon essential oil in a handkerchief in your purse for when you need a natural mood booster.

Rosemary: Rosemary is associated with feelings of contentment and has a positive effect on your performance and mood. It can also reduce your levels of cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone.

Lavender: The sweet, floral and herbal scent of lavender is a circulatory stimulant. That means it encourages you to breathe deeper and more fully, which slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure, and in turn relaxes you. Its soothing effect is even known to relieve migraines and muscle pain. Plus, it soothes babies, too! Keep a few drops of lavender essential oil in your nursery to keep your little one (and yourself!) sleeping soundly.

Lavendar & Tea Tree Oils

Chamomile: The calming effect of chamomile relieves nausea, and most kids will tolerate it. Next time your child has a stomachache, mix some chamomile in their tea or simply use it as an air freshener to help them feel better.

Coconut: Not only is coconut oil amazing for cooking, but it also smells delicious! Plus, it slows down your heart rate, which we already know calms you down. Destress with these skinny Chocolate Coconut Peppermint Bites!

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Chocolate: Thank goodness for dark chocolate. Its health benefits give us an excuse to indulge in a sweet treat every once in a while, and its scent and taste activate receptors in your brain that calm you down. Next time you're stressed, take a deep breath and reach for a little bit of dark chocolate! We don't need to be told twice.

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