6 Favorite Skinny Recipes Using Hardboiled Eggs

You can’t beat eggs when it comes to nutrition. These small white orbs are packed with protein and good-for-you fat. And if you're looking for a low carb food, it doesn’t get better than eggs with zero carbohydrates. What’s also great about eggs is that they can be prepared in so many ways and used in so many different recipes whether you are baking a dessert or cooking a casserole. Probably the easiest way to make and eat eggs is to hard-boil them. You can make a whole carton of them ahead of time which saves a lot of time when you need something quick and on the go.

But if eating hardboiled eggs alone is getting old, here are six ways to use them that will never leave you feeling bored or unsatisfied:

Baked Egg in a Sausage: This recipe is like an entire meal in one (or more) bite size tastes. Your hardboiled egg will be the center of attention after it’s placed in the middle of your favorite sausage meat and baked to perfection. Eggs and sausage all in one? Yes, please! (via Culinary Concotions by Peabody)


Toast with Egg and Avocado: Here’s an easy recipe that gives you all your macros in one - carbs, protein and healthy fat. Avocado replaces butter for your spread. Add some hardboiled eggs, salt and pepper and your morning toast just got even better. (via Heather's Dish)


Hardboiled Grilled Cheese Eggs: You can’t get easier than this recipe. Once you hardboil your eggs, just add some cheese and breadcrumbs and bake. Wow—grilled cheese that is low carb, but with high taste? We're in love! (via Family Chic).

DSC_0093-1024x685 Egg and Brussels Sprout Salad: Sautéed Brussels sprouts in garlic and oil combined with freshly made hardboiled eggs makes this recipe superb as a side dish or even a meal. Top them off with some almonds and sea salt and you will be fighting off everyone who wants in on this delicious dish. (via With Style and Grace)


Tuna, Avocado and Egg Salad: A new way to enjoy tuna salad is with mashed avocado, tuna and some hardboiled eggs. No need for mayo with this one. You can put it on toast, stuff it in a tomato or pepper, or just eat it out of the bowl. Any way you want, it’s always going to be good. (photo credit) (via Girl Who Loves Everything)

avocado egg salad


Egg and Muffin Pizzas: A muffin, eggs and tomatoes make this healthier version of everyone’s favorite food. Use whole wheat or multigrain English muffins and simply top it off with your hardboiled eggs, tomato and low-fat mozzarella cheese. Go for the oregano and garlic to really give it that authentic pizzeria flavor. (via My Recipes)

english muffin egg pizza

Hardboiled eggs are a great way to get your protein and fat in without any carbs. But you don’t always have to eat them the same way. Try one of these great recipes the next time you make a big batch of eggs and enjoy all the flavors without any of the boredom.