50 Uses for Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Do you have a bottle of coconut oil laying around? No? Go get some! This oil is extremely versatile. It is helpful around the home, has tons a natural health properties and more! If you don't believe us, then just check out the list of all the amazing uses for coconut oil! You won't be able to resist a quick trip to the store for this necessary addition to your house!

Cooking: Coconut oil has a high smoking point so it's great for baking, stir-fries or as a replacement for butter. It's subtle flavor is sure to compliment all your favorite recipes!

Supplement: Studies have shown that coconut oil supplements give our bodies an energy boost, which can actually spike our metabolism! Adding these supplements to our diet could actually contribute to weight loss. Check out these essential supplements too!

Lotion: If you are looking for a pure, gentle way to nourish your skin, then coconut oil is a perfect option! The delicious flavor and light, non-greasy texture of coconut oil makes for a great basic lotion.

coconut oil lotion

Deodorant: Hesitant to slather on the harsh chemicals found in most deodorants? Why not give coconut oil a try? It is gentle, pure, and just as effective!

Eye-Makeup Remover: It's so important to be careful of what we apply to our sensitive faces! Coconut oil is a great substitute for make up removers. You can mix some in with your existing remover, or just use it on its own for a more natural option!

Anti-Aging: Smoothing those wrinkles can be such a challenge, but by adding some coocunut oil to your anti-aging lotion, or even using a little oil on its own, you can create a mixture that is great for your skin!

Stretch Marks: If those stretch marks are putting a damper on your new-found pregnancy glow, then try rubbing them down with coconut oil for an all-natural solution.

Sunscreen: On its own, coconut oil has an SPF of 4, so try mixing it with your favorite sunscreen for some added benefits! The fresh smell alone should make it worth your while!

coconut sunscreen

Yeast Infections: The acids found in coconut oil are natural anti-fungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial agents, so slather on some oil instead of that messy cream to treat those uncomfortable infections!

Massage Oil: No one is going to turn down a massage, and a coconut oil massage is a fantastic way to rub out the stress of a long week! The only stressful part will be talking your hubby into giving you a relaxing foot rub!

Metabolism Booster: Coconut oil has high Lauric acid and MCFA content, which go a long way in kicking that lazy metabolism into gear! Try out these other metabolism-boosting foods!

weight loss

Frizz reducer: Especially now that the summer humidity has set in, we are all searching for a way to keep our hair under control! A little dab of coconut oil goes a long way in smoothing out any frizziness!

Face Moisturizer: Too much time in the sun will suck the moisture right out of your skin! Just lather on some coconut oil for an intense, overnight moisturizer that will give your dry skin a boost of hydration.

Body Scrub: If you add equal parts of sugar and coconut oil together, they create the perfect body scrub concoction! In no time, you can have a new favorite shower scrub to try out this summer!

Chapstick: It's such a challenge to find a chapstick that doesn't contain alcohol. Luckily, coconut oil is a wonderful solution! Just apply it directly to your lips for the perfect, homemade chapstick!

Intensive Hair Moisturizer: For those of us who can't seem to give our hair the hydration it needs, coconut oil is a great fix! Just apply a small amount of oil to your hair, and tuck it all up in a shower cap for a couple hours. For more homemade hair repairs, click here!

Athlete's Foot Cure: As odd as it may seem, coconut oil goes a long way in alleviating the pain of athlete's foot! Just rub some oil on your feet, wrap them in plastic bags and socks, and get ready for a miracle!

coconut foot care

Nursing Nipples: If you are looking for a way to sooth skin irritation on your nipples, give coconut oil a whirl instead of lanolin cream. It's a great, all-natural replacement that has the same results!

Lice: Ugh, dealing with lice is a nasty business. Luckily, coconut oil comes to the rescue once again! Mix coconut oil with apple cider vinegar for a natural treatment that actually works.

Cookies: Why give up the occasional indulgence when you can switch out that oil or butter with the healthier alternative? Try out our  yummy skinny chocolate chip cookies if you don't believe us!

Oil Pulling: Oil pulling is a new kind of oral hygienic practice that requires you to swish coconut oil around in your mouth for about 15 to 20 minutes a day. Check out the benefits here!

oil pulling

Alleviate Allergy Symptoms: Okay, we know this sounds odd, but rubbing coconut oil directly on the inside of your nose can actually knock out those awful allergy symptoms!

Increase Breast Milk Nutrients: If you're a nursing mother, taking 3-4 tablespoons a day along with vitamin D will increase milk supply and nutrients to help your baby grow up big and strong!

Improve Cholesterol: Adding just a bit of coconut oil to your diet has been shown to improve your cholesterol ratios! Down with the bad, up with the good!

Knock Out Cold or Flu Symptoms: A mere tablespoon of coconut oil in your favorite hot tea will go a long way in speeding up your recovery! Plus, it adds a subtle, irresistible flavor!

peppermint tea

Vegetable Oil Replacement: Sure, a little bit of vegetable oil isn't going to hurt anyone, but why even bother with it when coconut oil is a healthier, more nutritious alternative for all of your favorite recipes?

Varicose Veins: Ah, varicose veins, one of the downsides of aging. Luckily, coconut oil is a great way to reduce their unwanted appearance! Just rub a little on those veins for the best results.

Sunburns: Now that summer is in full swing, sunburns are far more frequent than we'd like. Slathering on a layer of coconut oil after the initial heat is gone will help your skin heal faster, so you can be back by the pool in no time!

Lubricant: Store bought lubricants can often lead to discomfort or disturbances in the vaginal flow. Using coconut oil instead, offers a natural, pain-free alternative you would be crazy not to try!

Shaving Cream: If you are looking for a way to shave a couple extra dollars off your bills, then try replacing shaving cream with coconut oil. It'll save you the time and money, and your skin will be silky smooth!

coconut shaving
(Photo: Uptowngirl Fashion Magazine)

Cellulite: Studies have shown that using coconut oil to massage your skin exfoliates the epidermis, stimulates blood circulation, and can even encourage the growth of new skin, so you can say bye-bye to that cellulite!

On Iron Skillets: Set aside your oil, butter or Pam, ladies! Coconut oil is a great way to keep your food from sticking to your pans and skillets! No more lingering grease!

coconut oil pan

Reduce Arthritis Pain: Anti-inflammatory properties lie among the many benefits of coconut oil, which makes it a great way to treat those achy, painful joints.

Mosquito Bites: Rather than slathering those bug bites with nail polish remover, or something just as unpleasant, try dabbing them down with coconut oil. The oil will reduce the itching in no time!

Hair Growth: We're not claiming that you will wind up looking like Rapunzel, but a little coconut oil applied directly to your scalp can actually stimulate hair growth!

Tanning Oil: Coconut oil can be used as a replacement for tanning oil, but be careful of all those UV rays! They can be extremely damaging. We recommend self-tanners instead. Click here for our favorites!

tanning friends

Dry Skin on Feet: Mix coconut oil with salt to remove that unsightly dry skin on your feet that keeps you from rocking sandals! You'll have smooth, sexy skin that you are proud to show off.

Weight Loss: Studies have shown that the metabolism-boosting components of coconut oil can actually speed up your weight loss, when consumed daily and along with a healthy diet and exercise regiment.

Sore Throats: When you feel that ache beginning to spread up your throat, ditch the cough meds and head straight for your coconut oil! A dollop of oil into a mug of warm tea can go a long way in soothing an irritated throat.

Teeth Whitening: Whitening toothpaste can actually damage your gums, so try out some coconut oil instead for a gentle, simple alternative! You can use the oil alone, or combine it with baking soda!

coconut whitening
(Photo: Living Pretty Naturally)

Chicken Pox: We're not claiming coconut oil is going to cure those chicken pox, but it will go a long way in alleviating the pain and itching! Just rub it directly on the rash for instant gratification.

Deep Frying: Avoid the dangers of spattering oil when deep frying with coconut oil! It's a much safer and healthier alternative, even though we don't necessarily condone deep-fried foods!

Baby Lotion: Your baby's skin is hyper-sensitive, so you've got to do whatever you can to keep it silky smooth! Coconut oil is a fantastic, natural lotion for your newborn.

baby oil

Bug Repellent: Not only does coconut oil eliminate the itch of bug bites, but it can protect against them as well! Just mix it with catnip, rosemary, or mint essential oils to keep away bugs.

Urinary Tract Infection Recovery: Used in conjunction with medication, coconut oil is a great way to speed up recovery from UTIs. It is gentle on the skin, so you can use it internally as well as externally for optimum results!

Nail Growth: If you are looking for a way to strengthen those nails and keep them long and sexy, then try rubbing coconut oil to your cuticles! Studies show that it stimulates nail growth.

Body Balm: We already know that coconut oil makes a great lotion, but combining it with shea butter creates a balm so soothing, you won't be able to resist the delectable aroma and benefits! Check out our favorite body treatments here!

Cold Sores: We know how nasty and painful cold sores can get. For an all-natural, chemical-free option, try applying coconut oil topically for relief!

cold sore

Sleep: If you are missing out on a solid night's sleep, but you want to avoid drugging your body with unnatural remedies, you should try taking a daily dose of coconut oil! Click here for additional tips on how to get a good night's sleep!


Dinner: Coconut oil is a great replacement for greasy or fatty oils or butters that we commonly use while cooking. Try using it as an alternative, like we did in our delicious Pan-Seared Salmon Citrus Salad!

pan seared salmon

Coconut oil is quickly becoming recognized as a superfood, and we're sure you can see why! With such an array of different uses and benefits, coconut oil is a must-have ingredient in your home!