50 Skinny Recipes For The Picky Eaters In Your Family

Eating healthy isn't easy, especially if you or someone you cook for is a picky eater! If you're tired of plain chicken and brown rice, then try serving up one of these easy-to-make skinny recipes for picky eaters. You'd never know they're healthy!


1. Mixed Berry Crepes: You don't need to go out for brunch after you master this recipe! It's restaurant quality with the nutrition of a diet meal! Get our recipe by clicking here.

Mixed Berry Crepes

2. Reese's Overnight Oats: This recipe's peanut butter and chocolate combination comes together to make a convenient grab-and-go breakfast for the next morning. Prepare it before you go to bed and you’ll wake up to a sweet and healthy breakfast. Click here to see how it's made.

reese's chocolate peanut butter overnight oats

3. Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos: Getting tried of your typical frozen breakfasts? Make these over the weekend and save them for your busiest mornings! They taste great without the calories and chemicals. For the full recipe, click here.

Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos

4. Cinnamon Toast Pancakes: Ditch the sugary cereals and trade up for something better! Your whole family will go crazy for these tasty pancakes and never realize they're eating skinny. See the cooking instructions here.

Cinnamon Toast Pancakes

5. Protein-Packed Huevos Rancheros: We love this as a protein-packed breakfast! It will satisfy your taste buds and keep you full all morning. To see how it's made, click here.

Huevos Rancheros

6. Skinny Banana French Toast Bake: Get ready to watch jaws drop when you bring this to the table! Our Skinny Banana French Toast Bake takes breakfast to a whole new level. Try it out for yourself by clicking here.

skinny banana french toast bake

7. Slow Cooker Apple Pie Oatmeal: This oatmeal is a tasty way to enjoy a healthy breakfast. If you don't like typical oatmeal, this could change your mind. And who doesn't like a slow cooker meal? Get the recipe here.

slow cooker apple oatmeal

8. Healthy Apple Muffins: Everyone loves muffins. They're simple, flavorful and easy to eat on the go. This recipe is no different, but it's surprisingly skinny! (via Cookie + Kate)

Photo Credit: Cookie + Kate
(Photo: Cookie + Kate)

9. Mini Bacon and Egg Tarts: This recipe doesn't require many ingredients, but it sure does taste great! Simple, skinny and enjoyable, your family will love these tarts for a Sunday bunch. (via Eat Yourself Skinny)

Photo Credit: Eat Yourself Skinny
(Photo: Eat Yourself Skinny)

10. Bell Pepper and Potato Frittata: Egg frittatas are a great breakfast. They're filling, healthy and full of a delicious, savory flavor. This recipe leaves out the unhealthy ingredients and gives you a yummy breakfast everyone will like. (via Skinnytaste)

Photo Credit: Skinny Taste
(Photo: Skinny Taste)

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11. Light & Easy BLT Wrap: Who doesn’t love a warm, crunchy BLT? Our waistlines, that’s who. The calorie, sodium and fat counts that bacon packs is unreal — but if you find the right cut and bake it rather than fry it, you’ll have less to worry about in the nutrition department. Check out this skinny wrap here.

BLT Wrap

12. Open-Faced Classic Tuna Melt: This low-calorie, low-fat tuna melt is the perfect lightened-up recipe when you’re craving a good old fashioned sandwich. Leaving it open-faced will cut carbs and using Greek yogurt will ensure that the fat count stays as low as possible. To see the full ingredient list, click here.

Open Faced Classic Tuna Melt

13. One-Pot Turkey Chili Macaroni: This thick and hearty dish is a mashup of two family favorites: chili and mac and cheese! It’s not soupy, but still not as solid as a baked macaroni dish. Your taste buds will be happily confused, especially because a heaping serving size is only 306 calories! Click here to see how it's made.

One Pot Turkey Chili Macaroni

14. Skinny Pizza Wrap: Pack this lunch for each member of the family! It's a skinny take on pizza that's perfect for your midday meal. See the full nutrition information by clicking here.

skinny pizza wrap

15. Skinny Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Take your traditional grilled cheese and make it better! It's a skinny and delicious meal that is sure to satisfy. If you want to try it out, click here.

Skinny Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

16. Light Egg Salad: This egg salad has everything you want! It's full of flavor, light and easy to eat, plus low in calories. We've taken away the typical fat but none of the fresh flavor. Make it in bulk and enjoy it all week long on a sandwich or with low-cal crackers. Click here to check out this recipe.

Egg Salad

17. Sante Fe Chopped Salad: The fresh veggies combine for a nutritious crunch while the cumin and chili powder give you that classic summer taste. Make it for lunch, dinner, a block party or even just a snack — either way, it will surely be a hit. Click here for the full ingredient list.

Santa Fe Chopped Salad

18. Skinny Two-Ingredient Mozzarella Sticks: With each stick at 110 calories, you'll want to remember this recipe. This is a fun lunch to serve up for you and the hungry kids! (via Averie Cooks)

Photo Credit: Averie Cooks
(Photo: Averie Cooks)

19. Fruit and Nut Butter Panini: Made with fig, banana and almond butter, this sandwich is far from typical. You'll love the fresh and fruity flavors on this skinny sandwich! (via Pop Sugar)

Photo Credit: Pop Sugar
(Photo: Pop Sugar)

20. Spicy Carrot and Hummus Sandwich: Veggies with hummus has always been a great snack option. Why not throw them together in a tasty an healthy sandwich? (via The Simple Veganista)

Photo Credit: The Simple Veganista
(Photo: The Simple Veganista)

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21. Zesty 5-Minute Guacamole: This recipe is as easy to eat as it is to make! It's got a tasty, bold flavor without the unhealthy ingredients or preservative like in store-bought guac. Watch the video below or click here for cooking instructions.

22. Cauliflower 'Breadsticks' with Marinara: For a tasty appetizer you won’t feel bad about, try making these cauliflower "breadsticks" with homemade marinara sauce. Cauliflower is super trendy right now and can cut out a TON of carbs! PLUS, for two “breadsticks” you’re only consuming 112 calories — and that includes the marinara. Click here to see how we made them.

Cauliflower “Bread” Sticks with Marinara Sauce

23. Simple Skinny Queso: Cheese lovers, rejoice! This Simple Skinny Queso recipe is the answer to your weight loss prayers! We combine cornstarch, almond milk, tomatoes, cheese and all kinds of yummy ingredients for a warm, delicious and HEALTHY queso recipe. Click here to see it done.

simple skinny queso

24. Baked Zucchini Chips: Skip the potato chips and try these instead. If you're craving some crunch, zucchini chips are exactly what you need! You can feel guilt-free about reaching into a bowl of these bad boys. See how easy to make they are by clicking here.

Baked Zucchini Chips

25. PB Yogurt Dip + Apples: Whether prepping this snack for yourself or as an after-school treat for the kids, they'll love this healthy dipping sauce! It tastes great and keeps calories low. Click here to see what it's made from.

pb yogurt dip

26. Skinny Mozzarella Bites: We love to serve this up for guests, but it works just as well as a midday snack. These little bites are full of cheesy flavor but not fat! See how they're made by clicking here.

skinny mozzarella bites

27. 5-Minute Garden Salsa: Grab some tomatoes and a knife because it's time to make your own salsa. Skip the jars and make a cleaner and fresher salsa for you and the family. Watch the video to see how it's made or click here.

28. Skinny Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins: For a grab-and-go healthy snack that actually tastes good, try these muffins! You can bake them over the weekend and keep them on hand for midday snacks! (via Ambitious Kitchen)

Photo Credit: Ambitious Kitchen
(Photo: Ambitious Kitchen)

29. Zucchini Pizza Bites: For a fun snack the whole family will love, make these pizza bites! You'll get picky eaters to eat some veggies and fill their tummies with healthy ingredients. (via Skinnytaste)

Photo Credit: Skinny Taste
(Photo: Skinnytaste)

30. Cheddar Cauliflower Popcorn: Everyone loves diving into a bowl of salty, buttered popcorn — everyone but your waistline, that is. Instead, give this sneaky veggie recipe a try! Your kids will love it! (via Delish)

Photo Credit: Delish
(Photo: Delish)

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31. Skinny Fish Sticks: Who doesn’t love the taste of a good, deep fried fish stick?! Well, rather than deep frying these scrumptious sticks, we used a skillet with a touch of canola oil so you can enjoy the same crave-worthy taste without all the added fat and calories. Click here for full instructions.

Skinny Fish- Sticks 3

32. Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken: Skip the Chinese takeout and make your own! We bake this recipe to keep it skinny but it still has all of the delicious flavors you love! Click here to see how it's made.

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

33. Skinny Mexican Tortilla Pizza: We've combined two unhealthy meals and brought you a healthy dish for under 350 calories. You're welcome! Check it out here.

Skinny Mexican Pizza

34. Three-Cheese Penne: This penne pasta is absolutely smothered in cheese and yet has only 284 calories in a serving. Your family will love this dish and so will your waistline! See the full nutrition info here.

3-cheese penne

35. Slow Cooker- BBQ Pulled Pork: We love slow cookers because they add a much needed ease and convenience into a busy parent's life. This recipe is full of flavor but not calories, perfect for a hungry (healthy) family! Watch it being made below and click here.

36. Hearty Skinny Cheese Burger Soup: We love our Skinny Cheeseburger recipe, but make it into an indulgent and delicious soup? Yes, please! It's a great meal to gather the family around and save for leftovers! Get the recipe by clicking here.

Low-Cal Cheeseburger Soup

37. Chicken Pasta Primavera: Pasta is usually on the "do not eat" list when dieting (thanks, carbs), but we've found a delicious balance of flavors in this meal created with all light and healthy ingredients to satisfy you and the family. See them here.


38. Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls: Making your own burrito bowls is a great way to manage your portions, but making it in a spaghetti squash? Filled with healthy nutrients, spaghetti squash will add a fun twist to your tasty meal. (via Making Thyme for Health)

Photo Credit: Making Thyme for Health
(Photo: Making Thyme for Health)

39. Cauliflower and Pesto Crust Pizza: Giving up pizza isn't an option for many families, but you can give up the greasy, calorie-dense delivery kind! Try out this cleaner pizza on your family and see if they notice the difference. (via Vodka and Biscuits)

Photo Credit: Delish
(Photo: Vodka and Biscuits)

40. Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti Squash: If you're trying to diet, you've probably read to stay away from cream-based sauces — but not this time! Without any carbs in this dish, you can make way for a delicious Alfredo! (via The Gunny Sack)

Photo Credit: The Gunny Sack
(Photo: The Gunny Sack)

Can desserts be healthy? We've got 10 recipes you and the family will love!


41. S'more Fluff: S'more fluff is a delicious chocolate dessert that families love. It gives you the campfire treat you love but it's available no matter the weather! To see how we make it, click here.

s'more fluff skinnymom recipe 1

42. Copycat Cosmic Brownies: You probably remember these pre-packaged brownies from the lunch line or a local convenience store. We've captured the nostalgic flavor and made them into a skinny version your kids will love. Get the recipe here and watch them made below.

43. Banana Pudding Cookies: We love cookies, but what's even better is a cookie that is simple and easy to make. You can feel good about serving this skinny cookie to the kids. See the ingredient list here.

Banana Pudding Cookies

44. Strawberry Kiwi Popsicles: On a hot day, nothing is more satisfying than an ice-cold popsicle. However, we don't love the sugar-filled options that come from the ice cream man. Instead, make your own popsicle that's equally delicious, but way healthier. Click here for the recipe.

Strawberry Kiwi Popsicles

45. Skinny Raspberry Lemonade Cake: This is a beautiful cake that will impress any guest! It's perfect for celebrating any spring or summer holidays. Click here to see the nutrition information.


46. Skinny Pina Colada Cupcakes: This is one of the best cupcake recipes you'll ever bake, skinny or not. They're incredibly flavorful and perfectly indulgent. The skinny nutrition info is just an added bonus! See it here.


47. Skinny Chocolate-Stuffed Raspberries: This is a simple dessert perfect for snacking on. When your sweet tooth aches but you don't feel like baking, this is the perfect choice! Watch the video below to see them made or click here.

48. Healthy Cookie Dough Dip: If you can read "cookie dough dip" without your mouth watering, then hats off to you. The next challenge is to see if you have enough resolve to share this delicious dessert. (via Chocolate Covered Katie)

healhty cookie dough dip
(Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie)

49. Easy Salted Oat Fudge: A fudge recipe that doesn't kill in calories? Yes, please! This is a simple dessert that the entire family will enjoy. It's also great for giving as a gift. (via Cookie + Kate)

Photo Credit: Cookie + Kate
(Photo: Cookie + Kate)


50. No-Bake Peanut Butter Confetti Bars: This indulgent treat isn't as sugar-filled as you might expect! If you want to impress your family or friends, try this recipe. They'll never realize they're eating skinny. (via Jerry James Stone)

Photo Credit: Jerry James Stone
(Photo: Jerry James Stone)