5 Sugar-Free Desserts in Minutes

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"Sugar-free desserts" sounds like an oxymoron. The point of a dessert is purely cultural. There's no real nutritional value in desserts as far as traditional dishes are concerned: rich cheesecake, thick chocolate mousse, gooey blueberry pie and buttery ice cream. Leaving your tastebuds with a sweetness at the end of an evening feels like a reward. But the sugar you dumped into your body with one of those desserts is going to wreak silent havoc on your system all night. So, feel free to indulge, but be smart about it!

Grain-Free Chocolate Cake with PB Cream Frosting: It takes only 45 minutes from start to finish and each slice is 165 calories. This is a super easy way to trick your body into thinking it got a rich, fatty dessert, when, in fact, it's just the opposite! Get the recipe here.

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Sugar-Free Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Sauce (with Fresh Berries): Fruit has natural sugars in them, so if you want to completely avoid sugar, try pairing this vanilla topping with a sugar-free crunch from a cookie. With Mascarpone cheese as the base, you don't need to worry about sugar content. Select all other ingredients with a sugar-free label. Get the recipe here. If you're looking for more berry-inspired recipes, click here for a Skinny Chocolate-Stuffed Raspberry treat (sub the chocolate with sugar-free drops).

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Carrot Cake for Two: When you've got a small crowd with a big sweet tooth, pull out this recipe. The best part is you won't be slaving over an oven for this one; it takes only 10 minutes! You might need to make this one a couple times before you master it, but that just means plenty of taste-testing time. Yum. Get the recipe here.

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Key Lime Pie Milkshake: If you've got a soft spot for milkshakes, you're going to fall in love with this one. Based with nonfat Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and vanilla almond milk, all you need is a blender to make this dream come true. Top it with graham cracker crumbs and a natural whipped cream. Get the recipe here. Instead of dessert, click here to turn this milkshake into a protein shake.

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Raw Apple Crumble: This recipe is free of refined sugars, tapping into the natural sweetness of dates. There's no baking, just blending and mixing. It will take you less than 15 minutes to whip this together. The result is a sweet and citrusy crunch in a cup. Get the recipe here.

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